My LA to Z: Chris Harrison

The host of The Bachelor spends his downtime picking up Italian fare, hitting the links, and relaxing with family near his Westlake Village home


Fans of The Bachelor know Chris Harrison as the go-to guy for dating and contestant-eliminating advice on the ABC reality show. After a controversial last season, Harrison returned to TV with this week’s season premiere of The Bachelorette. 


Italia Deli & Bakery

One of our favorites is Italia Deli. They have great sandwiches and antipastos, and we love the homemade pizzas. I stop by all the time to pick up dinner.

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Calabasas Country Club

I play golf religiously at Calabasas Country Club. It’s a great course, has a really great membership, and the food is fantastic. I go at least once a week. After all the craziness, it’s a good way to forget everything.

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Woodland Hills Wine Company

Woodland Hills Wine Co. is my favorite wine shop. It’s a great place to stop whether you know what you want or not. Many times I’ll swing by and ask the guys what’s new and what I cannot live without. They have my ol’ faves but I love finding new gems. 

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Soto is where I shop for my wife. It seems to have the same high-priced stuff that all the other stores have, but for a lot less. I find you can never go wrong going in and grabbing a bunch of stuff. The last time we went to Vegas, I went in and bought tons and tons of clothes for my wife’s birthday, came home, laid them out, and told her we were going. She liked that.





Il Sole

I was living in Italy for The Bachelor and when we came back, Il Sole reminded me of being there, it’s so authentic. I go for the basics: the wine list, the carpaccio, and the pasta.




We go several times a year and the kids love it. We get the royal treatment, one of the benefits of being on an ABC show.

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The Thousand Oaks Farmers’ Market

When corn is in season, they have the best corn in the world and the Gaviota strawberries are to die for. If the kids are around, we’ll go get a bag of kettle corn and lemonade and walk around.

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The Dip

We film at Hollywood & Highland, so for lunch the crew and I eat lunch at The Dip almost every day. I get the Chinese chicken salad and we sit out on the patio and watch all the tourists walk around.

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The Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village

One place I love to take my wife is the Four Seasons, Westlake. We love the bar there. It’s old school, but comfortable and a great place to start or end an evening. I also love to take Gwen to the spa. It’s a bit of a secret but the spa there is one of the best I’ve been to.

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BOA Steak House

BOA is my first and favorite steak house in L.A. There are always new steak houses popping up, but I always go back to BOA for the Caesar salad and the bone-in filet.

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There’s a house right across from the Jewish Community Center down from Pepperdine that means a lot to me because it was our first Bachelor house. Whenever I pass by, I have great memories.


The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8p.m. on ABC.

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