My LA to Z: Charlotte Rae

The longtime TV, stage, and cabaret star signs her biography, <em>The Facts of My Life</em> on November 11 at Barnes and Noble at The Grove. Here she talks In-N-Out attacks, quiet dinners, and one of her most challenging roles

La Bruschetta

faison2The waiters are Italian and speak Italian. It’s so warm and friendly, and you can hear each other talk, which is unusual these days.

Hammer Museum

faison2It’s so peaceful and beautiful, and it reminds me of New York. I love having breakfast or lunch there. I’ve never been to the Billy Wilder theater, isn’t that shameful?

Samuel Goldwyn Theater

faison2I’m a member and I vote. I went to the movies there last Saturday, and I loved it. When actors get together we all tell stories of our experiences, and it’s fun.

Mary & Robbs Westwood Café

faison4I’ll call them and they’ll save me a booth. Whatever you’re in the mood for, they’ll have it. They’ve got good soups; it’s very unpretentious.

Mark Taper Forum

faison5I played Winnie in Becket’s Happy Days at the Taper, and it was wonderful. We got great reviews. I’m very proud of that because Dame Peggy Ashcroft said playing Winnie is like playing Hamlet for a man. It’s that much of a challenge.

In-N-Out Burger

faison7Sometimes my granddaughter and her boyfriend will get me a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and onion, mmm. Some people have a Mac attack, I have an In-N-Out attack.

Antaeus Theatre Company

faison7They have an outreach program for high school students, and they have a school. They double cast their plays, which is terrific. Certain nights one cast plays and then the other cast plays. It’s like insurance. They’re all working actors, so they don’t have to turn down jobs.


faison7I go here when I have a very special occasion. You’re away from the hubbub,and it’s very quiet, and you almost feel like you’re in Venice or something. It’s away from everything, and the waiters are very charming, and the food is exquisite.

The Eclectic

faison7They have very original recipes. It’s good—it’s very good. I always love what I get. It’s warm and very friendly, and you can hear each other talk, which I think is a priority these days.


faison7It’s not cheap, but it’s good Italian. The veal chop is really good.

Kirk Douglas Theater

faison7Next spring I’m doing a play there. It’s a Becket play called End Game, and I’m doing it with two extraordinary actors, and one is coming in from Ireland.

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