My LA to Z: Cedric The Entertainer

The comedian and host of <em>Cedric’s Barber Battle</em> (premiering on The CW April 17) on his affinity for Brussels sprouts, father-son haircuts, and the perks of vegan milkshakes


faison2Katana is one of my favorite spots. It is Asian-fusion, they make great drinks, and the food is always consistent and delicious. It’s a bit of a party scene and kind of reminds you of New York or Miami: there are sexy people, you got the outside, you got the inside, and you can be seen or not seen, which is one of my favorite things about. I love my sushi chef there, who always sneaks out and brings me something free to taste.

My Two Cents

faison2It’s a small bistro. I met the chef years ago at another small restaurant in Los Feliz, but it closed down. Then she opened My Two Cents, this quaint little restaurant with delicious, fun food. She does these burgers with kale slaw, and the bun is buttery and crispy and moist. I’m thinking about it right now!

Spanish Hills Country Club

faison3It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s such a unique place to play and hangout. The members are great, and it’s middle of agriculture country. You look out and its orange groves and lemon groves, and it’s so beautiful. A lot of the members are farmers, good old boys who like to have fun. They’re not pretentious. I go and spend the day with the kids because there’s a swimming pool, tennis courts, and it’s a good getaway outside of the city.

On The Thirty

faison4It’s a really cool, fun restaurant to go and watch sports. They have great pizzas; they do a pizza with truffles and a fried egg on top, and the dough is great. They have good drinks, too, and they often have a small little trio or band performing in the corner. It’s easy when I’m leaving the studio to go there and hang out. I’m almost a regular, but I kind of have to tone it down and stop going as much because I walk in and people will say, “Hey, Ced!” I don’t want to be that regular!

Xen lounge

faison5My friend Duane Martin owns it. It’s mainly a lounge where you get to chill, but it’s indoor/outdoor; there are great outdoor spaces with umbrellas that hang in the trees. You can sit with your friends around fire pits and relax. Inside there’s a cool DJ and there’s a fun, intimate feel. I wrapped my show last week, and we gathered the group up to go to Xen and hung out until the wee hours of the morning.

Black Market Liquor Bar

faison7I went in there one night, and they have great Brussels sprouts and a cool energy. It’s another place I like to go when I get off work and just chill. The crowd is hipster but not overly Hollywood.

Suncafe Organic

faison8I was on a vegan craze for about six months last year, and I still occasionally like vegan food. Sun Café grabbed me the most. The food is fresh and really good, and they make a kale milkshake. So you’re having a milkshake but there’s kale in there, so you get to justify, like, “Hey! This is healthy!”


faison8It’s inside The Redbury hotel, right in the middle of Hollywood. They have Greek and Mediterranean food. It’s loud, people are having a good time, and everyone is laughing all around you. The tandoori chicken and crispy Brussels sprouts are really good, and so are the lamb kebobs. Everything is delicious.

The Blade Barbershop

faison8My barber, KG, is a card. He’s a crazy personality. And Blade is the quintessential barbershop. You go in, sports are on, everyone’s talking politics and international affairs. No one knows what the hell they’re talking about, but it’s a fun place to go. People like myself and Marlon Wayans go, and we run into other celebrities there. I take my son there to get his hair cut. It’s always special to be able to take your son into that testosterone-driven environment and see if he can be a man! It’s like a baptism by barbershop.

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