My LA to Z: Carly Chaikin

The star of USA’s <em>Mr. Robot</em> (season two premieres July 13) on life-giving smoothies, Skee-Ball, and the drugstore that blows her mind

The star of USA’s Mr. Robot (season two premieres July 13) on life-giving smoothies, Skee-Ball, and the drugstore that blows her mind

Juice Crafters

I go there literally every morning because it’s right next to my house. It is the first place I’ve been a regular at, which I always wanted to be. I get the Acai Protein or the Silver Cup, but there are so many other things like meal replacement smoothies, acai bowls, and other healthy food options. I live off it!

Pinz Bowling Center

I love bowling. I think it’s so much fun. Pinz is my favorite place to bowl, plus it’s attached to a Jerry’s Deli.

Dave and Buster’s

I threw my boyfriend a surprise 30th birthday party there and got the whole backroom. It’s my absolute favorite. I was just there last Wednesday, and on Wednesdays it’s half off. It’s so fun to go during the day when no one else is there and run around and play games over and over again.

Bed Bath and Beyond

I could literally go there every single day and shop for hours.


Bed Bath and Beyond also brings me to the Walgreens on Vine and Sunset. No one believes me until they see it, but it’s a shopping mall. They have sushi, juice and smoothies, a whole makeup section, and a whole wine section. It’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a block away from me, too, and I frequently visit there. It’s insane; people are like, “Why are you freaking out about a Walgeens,” but I’m like, “Just wait until you see it.”

Tower Bar

It’s in Sunset Tower Hotel and it is one of my absolute favorite restaurants. The pigs in a blanket are my favorite, which I can’t eat anymore, but they are to die for. I just went there with my boyfriend and best friend and her fiancé a few weeks ago, and it’s delicious and great people watching.

Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi

Giorgio’s in Santa Monica is the best Italian food you’ll eat besides being in Italy. If I was on death row, the pumpkin ravioli would probably be my last meal.

Brentwood Arts Center

I go there for art class. I’ve been going there since I was a kid, and that’s where I do a lot of my painting. I do oil and acrylic, but mostly oil.

Larchmont Village

I love it because it’s such a cute little street that has absolutely every type of restaurant. There are so many boutique stores, and they have a farmers’s market every Sunday. It’s like its own little world.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I would definitely choose Coffee Bean over Starbucks. Their Ice Blended drinks are my favorite thing ever.

Douglass Park

I grew up going there everyday. When I lived in Santa Monica, I’d ride my bike over there and go on the swings. I had my 19th birthday there and had a picnic with a bunch of friends.