My LA to Z: Bryan Greenberg

Days after releasing his sophomore album, the actor-musician tells us where he eats three times a week and where he loves hearing live music


Bryan Greenberg might be better known for his work in TV and film (Prime, October Road, How to Make it in America) but he’s earning a following for his music, too. 
1 amalfi 

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

I hang out over there a bit. It’s nearby and it’s got a good classic style that I like. It’s low-key and lounge-y, which is more my style.

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Lucky Strike

I rented it out and had a bunch of friends there for my birthday last year. Going to bars gets old, and it’s nice to mix it up and invite a bunch of friends and have fun. I’m from the Midwest, so I’m a half way decent bowler, but I’m not necessarily good.

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3 citywok 

City Wok

I love that place. It’s Chinese food that doesn’t make me feel like shit. I usually just go with the sesame chicken. Very basic.

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Boston Market

I eat when I’m hungry, so I always end up going for food last minute and end up here like three times a week. I usually go with the half chicken (white meat), mashed potatoes with gravy, and veggies, and it comes with cornbread and an iced tea on the side. I get familiar nods because I’m a local.

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That was actually my first job in St. Louis. I’ve already made the drive to the one downtown, and it’s pretty amazing. It’s like a taste of home.

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6 mccabe 

Hotel Cafe

I just recently saw the band Shovels and Rope there. They are a married couple from South Carolina and I went up to Cary Ann Hearst after the show and told her I was a fan. She ended up singing back up vocals on my record. I’ll go there and not know who’s playing and I’m still guaranteed to like at least one of the bands that night.

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7 paramountstudios 

Paramount Studios

Every time I drive by I think that’s where I got my break for my first movie, The Perfect Score. My dream was to be a working actor, so I was bugged-eyed when I first walked onto sets. I remember looking at my pass and thinking I made it. I wouldn’t take it off my car window.

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8 beachwood 

Griffith Park

I’m constantly there. I take the bike out and go cycling. It’s a great way for me to just zone out. I go up and see the Hollywood sign. I get inspired everytime I see it.

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9 pace 


I’m not into hotspots. I don’t even know where they are. But I would take a date to Pace. I like the vibe. I like the drive and the food is great. I like low lit candles.

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10  chachacha  

Cha Cha Cha

And if the date goes well, in the morning I would go to Cha Cha Cha in Silverlake for brunch. I order eggs over easy over black bean cakes. It’s so good.

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11 NeelyGuitar 

Neely Guitars

I go to Neely for everything. He’s become my buddy. He’s just an old school guy from Nashville and he just knows everything about guitars. He’s my guy.

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12 catalina 

Catalina Island

I’ve never been and I’ve been here for ten years, so I’m thinking about checking it out. You can’t drive there, which sounds romantic and nice. The only thing I know of it is from Stepbrothers.

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