My LA To Z: Brian Tyler

The film composer and native Angeleno has scored over 60 features, including this year’s “Iron Man 3” and “Now You See Me.” Straight fermata a local’s mouth, he tells us where to find obscure microbrews, Michelin-starred sushi, and “Mad Men”-esque hotels.

Bar Covell

The manager, Matt Kaner, is such a knowledgeable guy about beer and wine that you can kind of go on a little adventure. The most fun are the oddball beers from microbreweries or from all over the world. Some of them are more like a meal than a drink. I know to go here if I want something a little different.

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Bootleg Theater

This is a fantastic place to go find new bands, listen to great music, and have a drink. It’s like an old 30s warehouse. I’ve found a lot of great new acts there, like No and King Tuff.

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McCabe’s Guitar Shop

McCabe’s has really interesting instruments that you wouldn’t find in any other music shop. Dulcimers, bouzoukis, sitars, instruments from Morocco and South America—I’ll see some cool instrument that I’ve never seen before, and I’ll buy it and learn it. A lot of the music that I play on my film scores features instruments that I bought from there.

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This is a very unassuming, low-key place. You would never know [where it us] unless you were looking for it. It’s Michelin-starred, and they serve amazing sashimi and halibut truffles.

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The Varnish

It’s like a speakeasy. You enter through an unmarked door in the back of Cole’s French Dip. It’s like going through the portal from The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe and suddenly you’re in a cocktail Narnia. Worth the wait.

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CD Trader

I’m a vinyl junkie, so I love perusing here for hours and finding bizarre records. Once I found a really rare album that Princess Diana and Prince Charles put out for their wedding in 1980.

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Sol Y Luna

This place is the bomb, and it’s always crowded. I’ve gone with friends on a Tuesday at 3 p.m. and it’s been completely packed. I get the fish tacos.

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Mr. C Hotel

It’s a newer hotel, but you feel like you’re in New York in the 60s, like in Mad Men. It’s got a retro pool, and even the pool service is kind of old school: white tuxedos and black ties. It’s a great getaway for a staycation.

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