My LA to Z: Brandon Boyd

The lead singer of Incubus tells us where he’ll be spending time before the band’s summer tour with Linkin Park



Amoeba Music

It’s an obvious one, but it’s a lot of fun for people interested in vinyl or being ignored by hipster employees in the music scene. But that’s just part of the old-school music buying experience.   

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It’s a little dive bar with sawdust on the floor and they serve Newcastle and turkey burgers and have a pool table. L.A. is rife with chi-chi bars and I try to avoid those places like the plague. The drinks are too expensive and people look at you funny. It’s fun to go to a dive bar because you’re just going to drink and play pool.  






Real Food Daily

To my palate it used to taste like cardboard, and then something happened maybe eight or ten years ago and all of a sudden it became delicious. I don’t know if it is me that changed or if the recipes did, but I find it delicious now. I usually get the spicy BLT wrap, but their famous thing is a basic bowl, where you can put together whatever vegan deliciousness you want. We call for take out a few times a week.

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Café Gratitude

It’s a vegan restaurant and anytime we are on the other side of the hill I end up going there. I like the dish called “I Am Fortified.” Some people find it to be a hippy-dippy-modern-yuppie dining experience, but I kind of love it when the waitress comes up and says something to you like, ‘What are you grateful for today?’ I love that. It makes me happy. It’s camp, in a way. If they had a cruelty-free pony ride in the back it would be all the better.

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It’s one of the reasons I stayed here. I usually surf between Venice and Manhattan Beach. But if there’s a swell I’ll go towards Point Dume. When I’m not aching like an old man, I surf every day. I’m 36, and when I crossed 30 I noticed hangovers started lasting a couple of days. 




I love the act of riding a bicycle. It’s fun and efficient and I’m fascinated with them as a technology. I like building bikes and taking them apart. I’ve been pecking away at that for the past eight years or so. And I ride everywhere. My girl and I rarely drive. It’s one of the reasons I live on the Westside. Driving in L.A. is such a thing, we try to avoid it at all costs.



Wertz Brothers

When I get the bug to shop I usually end up at an antique store. My favorite one for many years now is Wertz Brothers. It’s not grandma and grandpa antiques—there’s clothes, there’s art, there’s fishing supplies, taxidermy—everything you could imagine.

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I have sectioned into bedside tables what began in the 1930s as light boxes for photography—these giant steel lumbering devices that have a flat surface and giant knobs on them and on/off switches. They work perfectly as bedside tables and they look like something out of 1940s science fiction that would help you travel to another dimension. The guy who owns the place has a really particular aesthetic that is highly plagiarized in the design community. He’s a great guy with an amazing eye.  

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The Museum of Jurassic Technology

A friend of mine was actually bragging about it with pride. He finally got me there and it’s the coolest museum I’ve ever been to. It’s small but totally worth a visit.

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Malibu Creek State Park

I spent many, many, many weekends and mornings and evenings near the rock pool and when I go there for a walk, my teenage years come rushing back. It’s fun to go on a foggy morning or a late sunny afternoon. It’s nice not to hear the sound of traffic or helicopters or alarms or cell phones and to hear the buzzing of birds and water. It’s amazing to have a place like that in a city as large as Los Angeles.

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