My LA to Z: Beau Mirchoff

The star of MTV’s <em>Awkward</em> on supporting local bookstores, hiking with his Labradoodle, and bathing in taco sauce

Aero Theatre

rh1It’s in Santa Monica, and they have old film prints of classic movies that they show. It’s wonderful. They don’t serve chardonnay or fancy stuff—it’s just the classic popcorn and soda.

The Broad

faison2It’s free, so go! They have a bunch of short films, and one is this interesting type of animation done with pencil and then erasing the pencil. It’s really spectacular.

Chevalier’s Books

faison2I’m guilty. I do purchase books from Amazon, but half the time I’d say I go to these bookstores. They have great selections of classics as well as current books—pretty much anything you want. The prices are affordable, and there’s a community element to them, which I support.

Runyon Canyon Dog Park

faison4In general, dog parks in L.A. are great. There are a lot of dog owners who are really eccentric, and I love to have conversations with them. I go to the one by Runyon a lot. I have a Labradoodle, and she is the best. There is no bias there either, because she is literally the best.

Encino Golf Course

faison7It’s 18 holes, and it’s really wide-open. There’s no out-of-bounds, so if you haven’t played in a while, you don’t lose a lot of balls. Also they have a beer cart lady, so if you want to get some beers and sunshine for an affordable price, Encino Golf Course is your destination.

Fig & Olive

Who doesn’t like Fig & Olive? They have really good pork chops. Although really, everything is delicious. They have great wine, olives, and a variety of olive oils. The ambiance is great. I’d say it’s an extraordinary dining experience.

Geffen Playhouse

faison7It’s in Westwood, and they have full-out, professional productions there. There are two theaters, so there is always something showing. You can get really affordable tickets in the smaller theater as well as in the main theater. I just bought a new set of tickets. They have Bess Wohl’s Barcelona going on right now, so I’m looking forward to going to that.

Hollywood Bowl

faison7Because…duh. It’s kind of the seminal place in L.A., I’d say. My favorite show I saw there was the LA Philharmonic, which was great. But the last thing I saw there would have been Dave Matthews—it was awesome.

iO West

faison7They have daily improv comedy shows, and they’re always great. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. My favorite group there is Doctor God. They play every other Saturday night, and you cannot go wrong seeing their show.


faison7It’s Japanese cuisine, but they specialize in gourmet tacos. They are out of this world. They have a couple food trucks as well and a restaurant on Pico and Robertson. They have a cheap deal, three tacos for seven bucks or something like that, and all sorts of options. They are very unique—they put tater-tots and quail eggs in there, and their taco shell is so good. They have these specialty sauces that I would like to bathe in.


faison7I went a couple of weeks ago, and every time I go it’s really great. They have a modern and contemporary exhibition there now that illustrates humans encroaching on nature, and it’s very powerful. I recommend it.

All photographs courtesy Facebook.