My LA to Z: Anthony Skordi

The downtown resident tells us where he finds authentic Greek food, where to get the best views of L.A., and what he’ll do for fun following his six-week run in the one-man show Onassis, at Stella Adler Theatre.


Aroma Coffee & Tea Company

If you ever lose me, this is where you’ll find me. I get texts from my friends saying, “Are you in your office?” and they’re referring to Aroma. I’m over there two or three times a week and I don’t even live on that side of the hill. Recently I’ve been going for chocolate cake, but I’ve been dying to try the cherry rhubarb pie. I’m just concerned that it’s not sweet enough for my sweet tooth.

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The Great Greek

I love their meze. With this you get a wide experience of what it means to eat Greek. Meze is 20 dishes brought out for you, small dishes but bigger than Spanish tapas. Greeks have bigger eyes than the Spanish, and therefore bigger stomachs. In Cyprus, in Greece, we still have time to sit down and make a meal an event, to take a couple hours to eat. There are always different dishes on the table.   

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Paintball USA Ventura

I’ve got tickets to go paintballing for my birthday. We were supposed to go to Six Flags originally but I was slammed with Onassis, so instead we’re going paintballing. I’ve been laser tagging before with my nephew for his birthday, but never paintballing, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve heard it stings. 

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Astro Burger

I love my hamburgers. Astro Burger is my favorite and is a step above all the others. If I was short on time and had to choose between the regular fast food places, it would be between Farmer Boys in the Inland Empire—they have a wicked avocado burger—or Carl’s Jr. I do like In-N-Out, but they’re not all over the place like Carl’s.  

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Baby Blues

I love their ribs. Memphis Queen Ribs. They’re not loaded with sauce, they don’t need sauce. You touch them with your fork and they just melt off the bone. They have five or six different sauces you can choose from and their corn bread is to die for. I’ve worked in Houston before with Vanessa Redgrave and you’d think you’d have the best ribs and cornbread in Houston, but I tried Baby Blues’ and they blew my mind. I’ve had ribs all over the states and nothing compares.

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The Ivy

I like their china. I really like their china.

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Kings Road Cafe

Kings does an awesome coffee if you need a turbo boost. If you want to get to the moon before any Apollo mission I suggest you have one of their coffees. Keep away from naked flames situations, that’s what kind of coffee it is.  

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Hollywood Hills

L.A. is so wonderful, it’s home to me. You can go to so many places for a view and I love my views; Lookout Mountain in Laurel Canyon, or Nichols Canyon, or up Mulholland. You’ll feel as if you’re out of L.A. while still being in L.A. 



The Dome at the ArcLight

I’m the kind of guy who likes to have the tickets ahead of time, particularly when it’s for a special friend of mine. I love the ArcLight, especially the dome. I saw The Kings Speech in the dome, and that experience is unlike any you’ll find anywhere else. At first I saw The Kings Speech on my computer with one of those “for your consideration only” copies. The two can’t be compared.

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I do like Hugo Boss, Prada, Buffalo, etc., but usually I’m an out-and-out Levis 527 kind of guy. I used to love wearing Diesel jeans. But for me the question is do I buy a $150 pair of jeans or do I go to Macy’s and buy a $40 pair, or two pairs, and they always fit perfectly.

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Stella Adler Theatre

I love the feel of the place. It feels very traditional. Plus we’ve been in constant four-hour rehearsals, so if I didn’t love the place that’d be a problem.

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North of Santa Monica

If I had a choice of where to live in Los Angeles it would be up in Pacific Palisades or Malibu, but no further north than that. If I’m still alive after press night, I’ll look into that.


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