My LA to Z: Anne Heche

The Hancock Park resident and star of “That’s What She Said,” which hits theaters today, on where to find the best ice cream in L.A., how to attend auctions the right way, and where to buy gifts that beat a bottle of wine


Bonhams and Butterfields Auction Gallery

This is a really fun thing, which people don’t really know about in L.A. They do at least one auction a month. They’ll do 20th century books and manuscripts, memorabilia, rugs, furniture… They fill up an entire warehouse of beautiful items to look at that you would never necessarily see in one room. It’s just really fun to go in and browse and look. You never see collections like that in one place ever. 

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Pasadena Antique Mall

There’s an antique mall on Green St. in Pasadena, which is a really fun place to explore. There are about 50 vendors in one building. We took my son on a mission to go find a treasure chest, and he waited a whole year and we finally found one. It’s an antique bookcase that had glass doors and now it’s filled with stones and all the things he’s collected from our experiences.

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Scoops Ice Cream

Scoops has the best ice cream in Los Angeles. The guy has refused to do any advertising; he is all about word of mouth. He makes six flavors a day and serves them until they’re done. Things you would never imagine go into his flavors, it really is an art he has perfected. ‘Brown Bread’ is one of the best things I have ever tasted. 




Mohawk General Store/Amsterdam Modern

They have everything from clothes to incense to old-fashioned spray bottles. Even if you need a pair of socks, they’re cool. Great leather. Unique shop. They’ll also import a vintage chair from Amsterdam—one of a kind things that you’ll never find anywhere else.

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Pickett Fences

I like going to Picket Fences on Larchmont. They always have something that’s really fun and funky. You can always find a fun gift for guys or girls. If you’re ever wondering, “what the heck do I get that person” and want to bring them something fun that’s not a bottle of wine—this is your go-to spot.

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Linus Bikes

Oh man that’s the shop. They have the really fun kind of European baby seats, in bright green, and instead of the baby staring at your back the baby gets to sit right up on front on the handle bars. They have beautiful bicycle baskets and canvas bags for the back of their gorgeous old-school bikes.

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The pizzas are nuts. They kind of do them according to what’s fresh at the markets. And they have a takeout joint next door because they got so popular. It’s great, especially if you want to do a drive down to the beach and have a picnic. You can definitely have a romantic moment. 

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Le Petit Greek

If you’re going to have a lunch on Larchmont, this is the place to go.

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Sunset Junction

The junction is terrific. There’s the Cheese Store of Silver Lake with delicious wine and gorgeous cheese. There’s Gillyflowers at the corner, and Café Stella, a fantastic French bistro to have a steak and a nice glass of red wine. 



Farmers’ Markets

My kids and I love going to farmers’ markets. Usually we go to either the Larchmont Farmers’ Market, or the Silver Lake Farmers’ Market. You can always get fresh, beautiful food and every market has its own special thing. On Tuesday’s we’ll go to the one in Culver City for Kettle Corn. 

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Los Angeles Tennis Club

I play a lot of tennis. I play at LATC, an old-school tennis club in Hancock Park. It was built in the ’20s; they used to have some major competitions there. It’s just a gorgeous, old, neighborhood kind of club. I got tired of doing yoga. Forget this Downward Dog, let’s do something else.

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