My LA to Z: Anna Camp

Aca-scuse our excitement, but Camp is back in <em>Pitch Perfect 2</em>, out May 15. Here she talks hiking with her puggle, transformative Thai massage, and heavenly bread

Greek Theatre L.A.

faison2I saw Sam Smith there, I saw Conor Oberst there—it’s such a beautiful outdoor concert space. They have these twinkling lights, and it’s super romantic. You can get wine, bring it back to your seat, and there’s something so nice about being outside. It’s much more intimate than the Hollywood Bowl, which I love.

The Raven Spa

faison2It’s an amazing spa in Silver Lake. You don’t feel like you’re in America when you’re in there. I’m not kidding. You feel like you’re in a crazy little cabin in Thailand. It’s all wood, and there’s a fountain in the middle of the space; it’s super quiet, and they do amazing Thai massage. I like really intense massages because I wear high heels all the time. They have something called an Extremity Remedy where you can wear your clothes but they just do your hands and feet. And they always give you an apple, some dates, an orange, and hot tea after every massage. You get to sit down and relax in this place that’s a total escape. I don’t go anywhere else.

The Vista Theatre

faison2I love that it’s a 1940s or ‘50s joint. You get your soda and your candy and they play that old vintage [concessions] preview. It’s a really beautiful space—they have a long, wide theatre, longer and wider than normal, which is really cool. There’s something classic and Old Hollywood about it.

Reel Inn

faison4It’s right off the PCH. They have amazing fish tacos, really good margs, and you can sit out on their back patio and see the ocean. It’s great after being at the beach all day—such a cool, casual, fun Malibu spot. They also have great beer flights! I can’t go as dark as Guinness. I like a good orange wheat or amber ale. I tend to stay on the lighter side.

Bronson Canyon

faison5That’s where I hike with my puggle, Rocky. And you can see the Bat Cave [from the Batman TV show], so that’s cool! I always see people going up there. It’s beautiful and not too strenuous. Everyone is always at Runyon—it has become a bit of a scene-y spot. Bronson is more laid back, and it’s easier.

L&E Oyster Bar

faison7They have this amazing clam chowder, and their oysters are always fresh and delicious. I’m a big smoked trout person, and they have a great smoked trout salad with strawberries and grapefruit. It’s the perfect place for sitting outside.

Le Pink and Co. Apothecary

faison8They’ve got the most beautiful candles and lotions and perfumes and little gifts, and they have candles that match their lotions. I stop by and stock up! It’s very French and feminine, and they do really great gift wrapping.

Ostrich Farm

faison8It’s a new restaurant in Echo Park. They have this insane sparkling rose—I don’t know why it tastes better than any other sparkling rose I’ve ever had in my life, but it does. They also have amazing lamb chops that are cooked perfectly. I took my best friend there for her birthday. It’s a foodie place. They have beautiful candles, great service, and really wonderful food. It’s really cool, and you’d never know it was there.

Larchmont Village Farmers Market

faison8It’s such a great place for families. On the weekends I feel like the area really comes alive with all of the great restaurants everywhere. And they have puppy adoptions! I’m always tempted to go get another pet. Even though I never end up doing it, I go and look and go all goo-goo ga-ga. You never know, Rocky might need a buddy one day.

Water Grill


It makes you feel like you’re not in California. They have a raw bar, really great fish, really great lobster, and, oh my gosh, the bread—if I feel like I’ve worked out enough to eat bread, I’ll go to Water Grill. It’s this warm sourdough, and they bring it to you with salted butter. It’s sinfully heavenly beautiful. And they just keep bringing it.

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