My LA to Z: Alyson Stoner

The <em>Step Up</em> star—who you may recognize from Missy Elliot’s <a href="" target="_blank">“Work It”</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">“Gossip Folks”</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">“I’m Really Hot”</a> videos—is staking her claim in the music industry with her new single, <a href="" target="_blank">“Woman.”</a> Here she talks about her love of Earl Grey pie, hiking in Malibu, and Mexican-Indian fusion cuisine

The Study

rh1I just visited here with my roommates for the first time. It’s surprisingly inviting, cozy, and nostalgic—the walls are adorned with books and typewriters. It’s the perfect bar to ease into a night out. Later, a DJ comes in and spins the right blend of familiar beats with off-the-grid sounds.

Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio

faison2Take open dance classes and train in myriad styles with world-renowned choreographers everyday of the week in North Hollywood? Yes, please.

Kreation Organic Juicery

faison2I want to feel refreshed and energized by the food I consume daily. I order their Jungle Bowl for breakfast at least three times a week.

The Broad Museum

faison4Contemporary art, free admission, unique installations…count me in!

Malibu Trails

faison7There is nothing like getting a clear view of the ocean from the top of a mountain you just climbed. Plus, there’s a waterfall at the end of some of the trails.

Cowboys & Turbans

faison5This place has the best Mexican-Indian fusion menu with exotic flavors and delicious naan. And they have the most interesting and eclectic rustic outdoor seating area.

Republic of Pie

faison7I’m a regular visitor. I bring my favorite book, get a slice of Earl Grey pie, and study until the local musicians come in and serenade us. It’s the perfect coffee shop atmosphere.

Olympic Spa

faison7This place is an affordable way to treat yourself to something relaxing, purifying, and rejuvenating. They have tons of options for massages, aromatherapy, scrubs, facials, and more.

Melrose Avenue

faison7Melrose: Where people watching is just as thrilling as finding those obscure deals from the small boutiques dotting the street.

LA Equestrian Center

faison7There’s nothing like a beautiful trail ride with a four-legged companion. The people are friendly and welcoming, even to newbies and less experienced riders like me.

Photographs courtesy (in order): (2) yelp/TheMovementLifestyle/Jino Abad; (7) yelp/Jack R.; (9) yelp/Elissa Y.;All other photographs courtesy