My LA to Z: A Guy Named Patrick

The professional Instagrammer and cofounder of Spring Street Social Society is a one man brand. Here he talks haikus and chocolate, thoughtful accessories, and classic architecture

Pollo A La Brasa

faison2The best place to get rotisserie chicken in L.A. is Pollo a la Brasa. It’s this tiny little shack of a place. You park facing this wall of fire wood because all of the rotisserie chicken inside is wood fired. I kid you not, the best rotisserie chicken you will ever have. It’s one of those places where you feel like everything is covered with the same scent, and butter; they make the same thing every day, multiple times a day, and whatever comes out tastes wonderful and amazing. If you need a quick fix for your dinner party, it’s the best thing to pick up.

Proof Bakery

faison2My favorite sandwiches in L.A. are at Proof in Atwater Village. They come on little baguettes, and they usually have just a couple of things on them, but the quality of the ingredients, the mixture of what they put on there, and the fact that there is usually some nice flaked sea salt on top of the baguette is the most perfect combo ever. For a prepared sandwich, it is the best in the city. And they have really great coffee.

Blacktop Coffee

faison3Blacktop really captures what you want in a coffee spot, especially for Los Angeles. There’s no seating inside, but the patio area outside is really lovely. It’s super casual but is also a total hub for that neighborhood—in keeping with the idea that coffee shops are neighborhood places that are about community, Blacktop is the quintessential spot. Every time I go there, I’ve seen at least two people that I know. My friend Tyler Wells is one of the owners, and he’s the sweetest guy, super rad, and he’s always hanging around.


faison4 My favorite restaurant in Los Angeles is Gjelina. It’s just so good. The menu is kind of expensive, but everything is super delicious, and they always deliver. They get the best produce and they know what they’re doing with it. I always get a pizza and I love to get veggie sides, like grilled carrots or something with burrata. And the restaurant is so beautiful.

Compartes Los Angeles

faison5I love the new Compartes chocolate shop. The chocolate bars are beautiful and delicious, and I love that Jonathan, the owner, makes all the packaging himself. The very best parts are the little haikus that Jonathan writes on the back of the bars. They’re the weirdest little poems that he sort of just made up; some of them don’t make sense, but some of them are lovely and genius. The best chocolate bar that I’ve had there is the Sea Salt Waffle Cone.

Alchemy Works

faison6Alchemy Works is a great shop with accessories and  home goods. I would go there to find some sort of leather satchel or glass or pottery something. And I think they have plants. They also have watches and bracelets. It’s a range of thoughtfully curated life accessories, and it’s really cute. I had seen people post about it on Instagram, and once, when I happened to be at Blacktop Coffee, I realized it was literally right next door.

Juice Served Here

faison7I love their Cream Party juice with the coconut, the Tres Leches with the nutmilks, and then there’s the red spicy one, Block Rockin’ Beet. I’m not really a big juicer, but the thing that I love about Juice Served Here is that their blends are super interesting and super delicious across the board. Normally when you get squeezed juices that are already bottled, there are one or two interesting juices, but it’s really hit or miss.

Pierre Koenig Case Study House #22

faison8The coolest place of all time is Case Study House 22. It’s the one that’s kind of jutting out of a cliff. I went there once during an architecture tour, and you can see all of Los Angeles. That place just epitomizes this city.

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