My LA to Z: Thurz

It’s a big month for L.A.-based hip-hop artist Thurz. He releases his first EP, Designer, on November 4 and plays a set at the Echo on November 13 as part of Red Bull sound Select’s 30 Days in L.A. Here he reveals his favorite places to shop for clothes, grab a drink, and find some musical inspiration

Hermosa Beach

mccain1I enjoy hanging out here. There are a lot of cool bars. I love to put headphones on and to relax on the beach.


Thurz2My friend Michelle runs this art gallery. Papillion focuses on contemporary and emerging artists, and they show artists from all over the world. I get inspiration for my music from their art collections.

Bootleg Theater

Thurz3The theater has a good vibe. I especially love the design. It’s one of my favorite venues. The setup is great and it provides a unique experience for enjoying music.

The Dime

Thurz4The Dime is one of the coolest dive bars in town. I love the atmosphere. It’s chill. The drinks are good. Their DJs play the best music.

The Sayers Club

Thurz5The Sayers Club is the home of secret concerts. It used to be hidden behind the Papaya King hotdog stand. The DJs are great and so are the drinks. People get dressed up and go there. It’s a cool place.

Staples Center

It’s where the Lakers play. Although they had a bad last season, I always root for them.

Amoeba Music

Thurz7Amoeba is one of the last record stores. I love to go there and buy physical copies that I can play in my car. I buy old records from there. It is also where I research music. The store invites artists to perform there. I go and meet those artists and find their posters.

Thurz8The Rose Bowl Flea Market

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is good for shopping. I find my vintage polo shorts, cool shades, and jewelry there. They have large vintage collections.

Union Los Angeles and American Rag Cie

Thurz9They are great places to shop. Their clothes are really high quality. I feel like their clothes can last forever.

Café Brasil

Thurz10I love the setup and seats. The food is great. The café has a solid vibe. It’s my favorite place to drink beer and have good conversations with friends.

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