My LA to Z: Serinda Swan

The <em>Graceland</em> actress tells us her top picks for perfect cocktail dresses, an exclusive night out, and an outing at the beach

Griffith Observatory

One of my favorite hikes is the one that goes up to the Griffith Observatory. I’m originally from Vancouver, which has so many mountains. When I first got here I used to joke that Runyon is quite a hill, so it’s great to find something with a bit of steepness to it. I bring my little French bulldog named Buddha. I have to hike early in the morning because it gets too hot for him. He loves hiking it with me.

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Zuma Beach

If I’m not going on a hike, I go to Zuma beach. It’s not huge, and it’s set apart from the tourist crowds. You can watch the surfing, which is like live entertainment. I used to live in Hawaii, and I love watching surfers. It’s beach culture and it reminds me what it’s like to be back there. You can see guys catching the waves and waxing their boards. It’s a local surfer vibe and I love that.

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Hollywood Forever Cemetery

They play some really great classic [films]. I recently saw Empire Records there. It’s a very inviting situation. It’s intimate for Los Angeles, which we don’t get all the time in this city. You are on a blanket beside someone else and can just strike up a conversation.

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I love their jazz night. You can bring a bottle of wine, a blanket, and there are thousands of kids running around. I go with my friend and her daughter. The kids run and play while the parents get to sit around. It’s lovely and a really great time. The ambiance is what brings me there. It’s a very relaxed event. It’s also educational, because now I’ll be scrolling through the radio, hear jazz, stop, and really enjoy it.

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The ambiance and food are phenomenal. When you crack open a bottle of wine, they give you brown paper and crayons. Those tables have the best hangman games you have ever seen. It’s amazing to grab a bunch of girlfriends and go. You can even draw on the brick with the crayons. An artistic, quaint group of people go there. You always have great people sitting next to you.

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The Club at 432 Fairfax

It has no sign and no name. It’s on the stretch between Beverly and Melrose with all the Jewish bakeries and skate shops. You wouldn’t know it was there. It’s a blacked out storefront. The inside looks as if you stepped into an old-school speakeasy. Booths have been designed by different celebrities. I know Olivia Wilde did one, and the guys from Mumford and Sons did one. They do music, too, and you never know who’s gonna play. They have a great night on Wednesdays called Church. Different musicians come in and play and it’s a bit more lively. Normally it’s more of a mellow crowd.



DBA Nightclub

It’s so random in a fabulous way. I love when someone reinvents something. [With For the Record: Tarantino], they took Tarantino movies and reenacted them along with the songs from his films. We get a little monotonous in L.A. because we always do the dinner and drinks combo. This is such a great break from that. No matter who I seem to take to DBA, they always have an amazing time.

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It’s one of my favorite stores in L.A. You can pretty much find anything you need in that store made in a really unique way, from jeans and a sweater to a really cute summer dress to something for a cocktail party. I feel so feminine and pretty in their things. I actually just wore one of their dresses for my 30th birthday. I probably have 15 to 20 pieces from there. On a philanthropic note, I love their message of conservation. The pieces really are great for the environment. And your piece isn’t one of thousands, it’s one of five. They also carry one of my favorite jewelry lines, Bones and Feathers. I wear their stuff to death. The wardrobe people on my show buy stuff from Reformation so I can wear their pieces.

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Petite Ermitage

Their rooftop fire pit lounge is all wood, and the pit is surrounded by cozy chairs and blankets. It’s a place where you want to go and end your night, but then you have one more drink and want to stay for five hours. They made a special drink called a Swan Dive for an event I did there. It’s similar to a Moscow Mule, which is my favorite.

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Rise Movement

I have an amazing private gym. My trainer there is Jason Walsh. It is very tailored to whatever sports or fitness you’ve done in the past. I used to be a gymnast, and he has me do things with rings, throwing medicine balls, and I even push him up and down the track. It’s fast paced, but it uses your body weight.

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Spas in Koreatown

Some people are afraid to go to them because they can be aggressive. If you don’t have an issue with personal space or nudity, it’s an awesome place to go. They are thorough, that’s for sure. I go to three or four in Koreatown, and they all have different hours. There are so many different variations, but at the end of the day you walk out cleaner than you’ve ever been in your life. You squeak when you leave.


Juice Served Here

They have more juice options than I’ve ever seen before. If you’re feeling sick, get the turmeric one. My go-to is their Sweet Greens, which has cucumber, kale, parsley, spinach, romaine, apple, cilantro, mint, and lime. It’s not too strong. They have 21 different types of raw juices, and they have these “Beauty Shots” and B-12 shots. They even have a $20 juice called the “20 Dollar Juice,” and it has the craziest things in it like bee pollen and colloidal silver. I’ve never had it, but it’s crazy.

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