My LA to Z: Ryan Hurst

The <em>Sons of Anarchy</em> star (RIP Opie) is back on the small screen in the new WGN America series <em>Outsiders</em> (premiering January 26). Here he talks life-changing vegan, skydiving with a world champion, and hiking with his four pups


rh1A friend of mine came over to my house six or seven years ago and showed up with vegan food, and I was like, “Oh, vegan food…are you kidding me?” It was from veStation, and it made me become essentially vegan because it was so good. It’s a hole in the wall, but it’s the best Thai vegan food I’ve ever had. It’s a beautiful, tiny place with the vibe of a high-end sushi restaurant. I really like any of their red curry—they make it with tofu or with vegan chicken or vegan beef—and also they have these vegan spring rolls that are really good.

Follow Your Heart

faison2It has that lovely, old, hippy-Bohemian vibe. I love it there because in a world of  giant chains across the U.S., I always respect any business that preserves its uniqueness. It still feels like the ’60s or ’70s. That’s why I go there—besides the fact it’s some of the best health food that’s better and cheaper than Whole Foods.

iFly Indoor Skydiving

faison2I’ve been a skydiver for 20 years. When I actually jump I go to Perris Valley, which is a bit of a ways out. When I’m in town, and when I’m not working, about once a week I go to iFly at Universal City Walk. It’s indoor skydiving, and I’ll go there for two or three hours at time. They sell by minute, but I’ve been going there since it opened, and I know the guys there so they give me a great deal. I’m friends with the four-time world champion skydiver, and he comes and trains me. There’s two different kinds of skydiving: belly flying, where you fly on your belly, and the other kind, which I do, is much more like gymnastics where you fly on your head and fly on your back and you fly sitting and do flips and that kind of stuff. So my wife and I and my best friend go out there and do that.

Nine Treasures Yoga

faison4I go to yoga four times a week. I’m a Kundalini yoga teacher at place called Nine Treasures Yoga, which is on Sunset and Crescent Heights. It’s one of the only places that teaches Kundalini, which is a completely different form of yoga. It’s actually the oldest form of yoga; Kundalini is sort of the mother yoga that spawned all the other branches. It’s a big class—a lot of celebrities are there a lot of the time. Demi Moore is always there.

ArcLight Hollywood

faison7They take great care in presenting the movies up to high quality standards. I see so many movies there. I saw The Master in another theater and it looked like a regular movie. I went to see it again with a friend of mine at the ArcLight, and I don’t know if it was the projector or just that they were giving great care to what they were doing, but it looked and sounded great.

Runyon Canyon

faison5I have four dogs: two Husky-Malamutes, a Golden English Lab, which is like normal Lab but smaller, and a French Bulldog. We’ll do the canyons out in Hollywood a lot, and we’ll go to Runyon Canyon.

Topanga Lookout Trail

faison7There’s a great hike off Stunt Road off of Topanga, on the valley side. It’s one of those little places that a friend of mine showed me. You want to get on the top of the mountain and see ocean and valley, and there are a lot of ways to do it, but this one is great. A lot of people bring dogs up there.

Aardvark’s Odd Ark

faison7I wish I was a smaller human being so I could shop on Melrose, but none of their stuff would ever fit me. All of those clothes are made for either Tom Cruise or Japanese women. I would always walk in stores and say, “That looks cool, do you have those shoes in size 15?” and they’re like, “No, we do not.” Aardvark’s is a great staple; it’s is a high-end second-hand store, and I always poke in there when I’m about to play a new character. I like to buy a lot of my own wardrobe for things. That’s the kind of research that I did for Sons of Anarchy and for this other show I did called King & Maxwell. For King & Maxwell, my character wore all these wacky retro vests, like puffy, ’70s vests. I was trying to find a bunch in my size that were vintage, and I went there and bought quite a few. Editor’s note: Aardvark’s Odd Ark on Melrose Ave. has closed. A second location is open at 2621 Artesia Boulevard in Redondo Beach. 

Rip City Skates

faison7I’m originally from Santa Monica, born and raised. When I used to skate a lot, Rip City was the place to be. It was two blocks away from my house–I used to live there. I pop in every once in a while.

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