My LA to Z: Michael Chiklis

The <em>American Horror Story</em> actor on swoon-worthy meatballs, tip top theatre, and his favorite spot for a romantic night out


It’s not really a “place” per se, but I own a piece of this company. It’s an awesome place to get amazing things to eat. Soup-ing is the new kid in town and I love it.

Taverna Tony

zimmer2 It’s a beautiful Greek restaurant at the Cross Creek Shopping Center in Malibu. Tony, the owner, is just a magnificent restaurateur. He’s very hands-on. I don’t think I’ve ever been there in 20 years when he wasn’t there. He welcomes everyone, feeds them, and makes them feel at home. He’s tremendous. He does a butterfly shrimp that’s insane. I love his lamb chops, but they have all the traditional Greek food. He takes it to another level. It’s California casual, but the quality of the food is upscale.

Runyon Canyon and Fryman Canyon

zimmer3My wife and I love to go to. We take the dog and the children. My oldest is in college now, but we usually go and have a nice hike together. I like to go relatively early in the morning—when the sun is low in the sky is what I say, or late afternoon. That’s when it’s the most picturesque and also not brutally hot.


zimmer4I have so much trouble choosing a favorite exhibition there. I like checking out everything. I have great memories at the LACMA because they have been doing readings of old movie scripts once a month, which I think is really cool. I did a reading of The Breakfast Club with a number of people, and also Pulp Fiction. It’s a really great thing to do.

The Hollywood Bowl

zimmer5You have to go to the Hollywood Bowl, especially during the summer series. It’s a great outdoor venue, and people are always in a nice mood. Whether you are seeing the symphony, a rock ‘n’ roll show, or a pop concert, it’s a good excuse to spend the night out. The acoustics there are perfect and of course L.A.’s weather is amazing. When you are having a nice bottle of wine and some great food it’s very romantic–my wife and I love that. I went to see Billy Joel back in August and he was crazy good. It was the fourth time I’ve seen him dating back to 1978. Maybe it’s just me, but the guy is better now. He’s unbelievable.

The Getty Museum

zimmer6It’s phenomenal. The Getty is more my speed because I am into the classics. Even from an architectural standpoint, the structure of the place is really worthwhile. They spent over a billion dollars making the place. It’s a beautiful museum to go to and just sit or stroll around. The gardens there are extraordinary. If anyone from the East Coast says L.A. is not a cultural center, The Getty ends that.


zimmer7It’s great for dinner too, but I love Sunday brunch there. Really, really good. It’s kind of a hipster area, but it’s very cool. You have to have a reservation well in advance–they are kind of a pain in that way. The flat breads are fantastic, but the meatballs–oh my God. I don’t know what they do. It doesn’t seem like something that would be so delicious, a simple, small meatball. I don’t think I’ve had a bad dish there but I’ve never not ordered the meatballs. Trust me, get them.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

zimmer8They did a really magnificent job architecturally—it’s something special. It was beautifully designed by Frank Gehry and everything about it is very cool. Acoustically, it’s one of the best spaces I’ve ever been to. The last person I saw there, out of all people, was my good friend Kristin Chenoweth. They have shows all the time. You have to check it out.

The Ahmanson Theatre

zimmer9This is around the corner from the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It’s a theatre that you should subscribe to, become a member of, and support. All the touring companies go there, and there are so many great shows to see.

The Coliseum

zimmer10Since my daughter is a USC student and I am a huge football fan, you have to go see a Trojan football game. It’s been a tough couple of years, but now we are playing better and getting back into it. Fight On!

Photograph courtesy: (1) Soupure; (3) Flickr/Chris Gold NY; (5) Flickr/Gypsy D; (6) Flickr/Sheila In Moonducks; (8); (10) Flickr/Luke Ravitch; All other photographs courtesy