My LA to Z: Mekhi Phifer

The star of <em>The Divergent Series</em> lends his talents to the first-person POV flick <em>Pandemic</em>, out now. Here he gives us the lowdown on the best Jamaican food in L.A. and his favorite places to workout

Wi Jammin

rh1I’m from New York, and in New York we have a big Carribbean population, so there are quite a few restaurants that cater to that demographic. So when I came out here, it was like, where’s the best Jamaican food? And that’s Wi Jammin. It’s a play off the Bob Marley song, of course, and if you want some great Jamaican food like oxtail, jerk chicken, that kind of thing, they got the best in L.A.

Ra Sushi

faison2Everything is good, but I like sashimi so I get salmon, yellowtail, and the tuna, which I love. And then I always get the seaweed salad. My friends and I, we love the Dragon rolls and the California rolls.

CMC Pro Boxing

faison2I have a couple gyms I’m a part of, and one is CMC in Marina del Rey. There’s lots of great boxers there: Shane Mosley and a bunch of other professional boxers train there.

Unbreakable Performance Center

faison4The great thing about it is everyone there is a pro in some way, shape, or form. It’s not traditional sparring in the ring, but you do that, too. I work with some of the trainers, so they’ll put the pads up, I hit the pads, we’ll go through drills. They have a great Jiu-Jitsu class where you can be sparring men and women, sort of rolling around and getting your technique on.

Urban Plates

faison7I live in Playa Vista, and it’s a wonderful neighborhood where you can actually walk around. It’s very community-based with a promenade. There’s a very healthy spot that I love called Urban Plates, which is kind of like a Tender Greens. It’s really healthy food and it’s not that expensive. Then near there is the Cinemark movie theater, which is also a restaurant and a bar. You can bring your food into the movie and watch and dine at the same time.

Local Parks

faison7My kids and I play baseball and frisbee and basketball and all that kind of stuff. We’re right around Loyola Marymount University, and there are a couple of different great parks in the area.

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