My LA to Z: Erin and Sara Foster

The sisters and stars of VH1’s <em>Barely Famous</em> (season two premieres June 29) on non-hot yoga, their favorite neighborhood Thai joint, and massages that come with a side of sushi

The sisters and stars of VH1’s Barely Famous (season two premieres June 29) on non-hot yoga, their favorite neighborhood Thai joint, and massages that come with a side of sushi

Beauty Park Medical Spa

Erin: Sara introduced me to Beauty Park in Santa Monica, and now I go there all of the time, too. It’s kind of a one-stop shop, but they have the best laser hair removal machines of anywhere in Los Angeles. They’re inexpensive and don’t hurt at all. It literally just feels like a warm light is passing over you, and it’s the greatest thing ever. And not that we would ever do this, but if you’re ever going to inject anything into your face, it’s a great place to go.

Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts

Sara: I have two kids, so I always look for that one hour where I can go decompress. And I like to go to Kate Somerville. They treat you like a celebrity even when you’re not a celebrity, like myself. It’s a one-hour pampering heaven session.

Erin: They have this treatment that will literally like make your zit go away after putting it on for one night—it’s the best thing ever.

Body by Simone

Erin: Body by Simone is the best place to kill all of the fat in your ass. You go to the full body class for one hour and you just don’t feel like you’re working out. You listen to good music. You dance around a little bit. You literally kill your butt and you feel healthy and strong. I think there are a lot of places in L.A. where you go to work out and it’s very snobby or you feel sort of nervous and uncomfortable. But Body by Simone is a very friendly, supportive, positive environment for women. I love to work out there.

Lake Shrine Temple


Sara: Lake Shrine Temple in the Palisades is a favorite of my five-year-old. You step onto the ground and it’s truly like you left Los Angeles. I don’t consider myself the most spiritual person—not on the level that I would like to be—but you go to this place and it ignites this thing in you that I certainly have never tapped into. Now my five-year-old daughter is obsessed with going there and visits after school just to feed the ducks. It’s an experience worth checking out and it’s just sitting there on Sunset Boulevard.

Love Yoga


Erin: It’s very hard to find yoga in Los Angeles that isn’t heated yoga. In my opinion, I don’t think yoga was meant to be done in a room with heaters. You should just have the natural heat from your body. I don’t like to work out in these L.A. versions of yoga classes that are more like exercise classes, so the best yoga I’ve found is called Love Yoga. It’s a really good vibe and isn’t pretentious at all. One of the girls who started it had a business before where the concept was not being so spiritual that it’s unattainable, but being a real person who also loves to do yoga. I really love that concept.

Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine

Sara: It’s a gem that I feel like no one ever talks about. I love Thai food, and everyone that I know loves Thai food, but this restaurant never gets thrown into the mix and it’s crazy. It’s the best, and your view is of the beach. The Tom Yum soup is really good. Now that we’re talking about it, I want it. So, so, so good.

Lakeshore Learning Store

Sara: I’m all things kids, and Lakeshore is another place I feel like people don’t ever talk about because they associate it with teachers. It’s where teachers get their curriculum guides, their curriculum games and all things school-related, but it’s open to the public. There’s no other place for all things play and learning. It’s fun but educational. They don’t have Play-Doh at this place. It’s so cute, but it’s not gotten to the point that my daughter saying, “I want to go to Lakeshore” instead of “I want to go get ice cream.”


Erin: Sara has a seven-month-old baby, and she when was in labor, of course, I got sick. I was so terrified I wasn’t going to be allowed to be in the hospital. She also has a five-year-old, so she needed me to be there to take care of everybody and be there with her. So as I was starting to get sick I would go to Earthbar to get shots of vitamin D, B12, and all of these vitamins to try and get healthy and push it away. I think that’s the reason I was able to be there for the birth of my freakin’ niece.

Tomoko Japanese Spa

Erin: Tomoko is a cool place where they serve Sugarfish at your massage because the concept is a full Japanese experience. It’s so beautiful—it’s peaceful and serene, and you get an authentic Japanese massage. And then you sit on the floor and eat Sugarfish. It’s pretty wild. It’s one of those subtle details that just makes a cool experience so much better.