My LA to Z: Aldis Hodge

Fresh off his role as MC Ren in <em>Straight Outta Compton</em>, Hodge stars in the John Legend-produced slavery drama <em>Underground</em> (premiering on WGN America March 9). Here he talks pan-fried lobster, his addiction to fashion, and geeking out over interior design

Laurel Hardware

rh1I love the look and feel of this place. The ambiance is A+, and the outside nook towards the back makes me feel like I can connect with nature a bit. I love when people achieve the outside/inside feel architecturally, and this place has gotten it down the right way.


faison2Pan-fried lobster…’nuff said.

The Lobby at Chateau Marmont

faison2Whenever I’m making runs in the city and I need a place to settle for a minute, I love crashing at the Chateau’s lobby. It’s quiet and serene and comfortable.

Sky’s Gourmet Tacos

faison4This hidden gem is the best taco place I’ve ever been to, hands down. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to their shrimp tacos. Ugh, I might just have to make a taco run right now.


faison7It’s a great little restaurant in the cut right across the street from the Pacific Design Center, which is not a sore sight at all. I’m in love with design if you can’t tell. Plus, this is the place where I discovered grapefruit beer. It may sound strange, but it’s pretty legit!

Restoration Hardware

faison5Being an architecture and interior design nerd, I pretty much hang out here for hours on a regular basis just to see what my future house is going to look like. I’m surprised they haven’t kicked me out yet.

Black Market Liquor Bar

faison7Four things: ricotta gnudi, lemon pepper shrimp, hibiki 21, and pretty much everything else on the menu. This spot is special because it’s one of my and my girlfriend’s favorite spots to hang together.

John Varvatos

faison7I have a slight addiction to fashion, and Varvatos gets it right every time. The team over there at the Robertson location is great, so if you stop by, say what’s up to Paul Carter or Kate Goldberg and tell them Hodge sent you.

M. Cohen

faison7As a watchmaker, I’m sort of obsessed with all things metal, and walking into this store is like a kid walking into a candy shop. I really dig what this company has grown into. They have such a great range of choices, too—I don’t have arms long enough to fit every chain and bangle that I want to buy.

The Churchill

faison7This cool spot is right down the block from M. Cohen, and, again, ambiance is everything. This seems like the perfect place to get a group of friends together and kick back, as I have done many times before. Good food, good drinks, good people.

LA Art Show

faison7When the expo is happening, this is my spot to be. There was so much great stuff this year, and I can wait until next year. Waiting on this show reminds me of when I used to wait on Christmas. I get so inspired every time I attend, and I hope that I’m displaying my art there one of these days.

Palihouse West Hollywood

faison7This place makes me comfortable from the moment that I walk in. The warm wood, industrial design, and simplicity sets my mind up to work in the most progressive way. Sometimes when I feel like I need to leave my office to find another office to create in, this place is my go-to.

Photographs courtesy (in order): (1) yelp/Jill R.; (5) yelp/Zinqué; All other photographs courtesy