My LA to Z: Tiffani Thiessen

The TV vet—who you might recognize from her days on <em>Saved By The Bell</em>, <em>Beverly Hills, 90210</em>, and <em>White Collar</em>—stars in Hallmark Channel’s new film <em>Northpole</em> (premiering November 15). Here she talks inimitable facials, Japanese nail art, and flawless spray tans

Christina Radu

thiessen1As much as I love to travel, I cannot find another place that is even close to these facials. I’ve been going there for at least 15 years. Christina really knows what she’s doing and she really cares about her clients. I am so addicted to the European products she has at her place—they are phenomenal! Every time I walk out of there, I feel 10 years younger.

Nicole Burg at Salon True

thiessen2I fell in love with Nicole the moment I met her. She is very talented in all things but she is mostly known for her great work on eyebrows. She doesn’t believe in waxing, so she only works by hand or with tweezers. A friend of mine introduced me to her and ever since then I stopped doing wax on the face.

Malibu Farm

thiessen3 This place is at the end of the Malibu pier and is semi-new. It’s a farm-to-table kind of place, very healthy, and there is something for everybody on their menu. The restaurant has a stunning ocean view and the décor is very chic modern. I love sitting on the rooftop to watch the ocean. I always get there when it first opens. Harper, my daughter, loves getting the pancakes. My favorite item on the menu is their quinoa oatmeal. The juices are also great.

Maili Halme Catering

thiessen4Maili is a dear friend of mine who I’ve known forever. She catered my wedding and many many events after that. I don’t trust anybody else when it comes to catering. If I’m not going to do the party myself, then I want Maili there. For every event, she meets up with you and tailors each menu based on your taste. I love her tiger prawns, and her fried chicken is out of this world.

Sam’s Green Paw

thiessen5My family and I really take care of our two dogs. They go hiking with us every day and we take them to the dog park. I’ve been taking them to Sam’s for twenty years, and there is not one animal he doesn’t take special care of—it doesn’t matter if 50 dogs walk in, he is always rolling on the floor with them. He recently made his company eco-friendly. My dogs hate the blow drier, so Sam lets them air dry!

Greek Theatre

thiessen6The first performance I ever saw at the Greek Theater was Dave Koz while we were shooting an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. I love outdoor venues, but this one especially because it’s smaller than the other ones and a lot more intimate. It’s located in a great neighborhood. Last time I went I saw David Gray. Every time he is in town, I try to see him play.

Calabasas Farmers Market

thiessen7I love this market because it’s not overwhelming, but it’s also not small. If it’s in season, I can pretty much get everything I need on my grocery list. I usually make a morning out of it. My family and I like to get up super early, get flowers, vegetables, and all my essentials.

Pedalers Fork

thiessen8After the farmers market, we usually go to Pedelars Fork. Their whole concept is based around their bicycle theme. The restaurant’s atmosphere is beautiful, and their design is exquisite. They also have a high-end bike shop. A lot of cyclists come here for breakfast after a ride. The restaurant is located right along a creek, so I love sitting outside with my family. Their quinoa burger is fantastic and their flatbread pizzas are to die for. My husband loves craft beer, and their IPA selection is off the chart. Harper also loves their pancakes—you can tell she is a pancake girl!

Maya Apple

thiessen9 She is the only one that can make my hands look amazing. She is a true artist and can draw anything on your nails. She’s been coming to my house for 2 years now. Maya puts a lot of attention to detail. Japan is very big on design so she brings these beautiful magazines of Japanese nail art. I usually pick my designs from a magazine or from my Pinterest. I plan on getting a neutral style since I’ve been shooting for my cooking show.

Sunkissed by Jenni

thiessen10This mobile spray tanning is extremely professional. I love the solution that she uses for the airbrush. Once I’m done with the treatment, I don’t look like I just got a spray tan. She brings her pop-up tent to my house and sprays my body by hand. It usually takes around 35 minutes. She has a great way of using definition if you’re going to the beach or on vacation.

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