My LA to Z: Langley Fox

The great granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway (and daughter of Mariel) is forging her own way in L.A. as an artist and model. Here she talks kale chips, grownup bars, and bat caves

Erehwon Natural Foods

foxThis place is right next to the Grove and everything here is organic. The market is crowded with fanatic health people, which will make most people want to kill themselves. You really wonder why you went there in the first place, but then you remember, it’s your health! Growing up, I used to go to so many different health food places with my mom, but Erewhon’s kale chips and juices are amazing.

Bronson Canyon

fox2I like hiking a lot, and this spot right by Beachwood Drive is way better than Runyon Canyon’s overexposed celebrity hike. I go most days of the week.  It’s a lot less crowded and you can see the beautiful city landscape—and it has a bat cave! I think it’s important to be outside when you’re exercising.

Real Food Daily

fox3I’m not vegan, but I really like healthy food, and this place in West Hollywood has been a favorite of mine since I’ve been in college. It’s normal-people friendly, meaning their recipes won’t make you nauseous. I’m a big fan of their blackened tempeh special vegetables, their stir-fry, and their burritos. They make these little desserts called “Petites,” like peanut butter cups and marzipan truffles. It’s right next to a trashy lingerie store, but I forgive them because of their great food.

The Old Place

Screen-Shot-2014-11-19-at-10.45.45-AMThis is a rad restaurant in Kenyon Canyon. My mom used to live near it, so I would usually go after I spent some time with her. Their menu is full of old-fashioned meats, fish, grilled vegetable salads, and buckwheat pancakes. It looks like it’s out of a Western film, and it really hasn’t changed in all these years.

Blue Rooster Art Supplies

fox5I like supporting small stores, and this one is in my neighborhood. It’s your typical art store with a selection of canvases, pencils, drawing books, etc. It’s small and limited, but I go there all the time.


fox6I mainly buy vintage when I go shopping, and Squaresville has a good selection. And it’s very cheap! They curate their store so well. It’s not just a bunch of random things. I’ve gotten all kinds of things, from overalls to wedding dresses.


fox7This juice bar is on Hyperion and Sunset Junction, right next to Café Flore. I love their “Face Melter” shot. It’s really good for your immune system. It has ginger, oregano oil, and cayenne pepper. You can’t breathe after you drink it, and that’s how you know it’s working wonders. They have all sorts of things in there: sea vegetable salads, dried food, beet juice, their popular coconut date smoothie, and kale chips. I bet you can tell how much I love kale chips now.

Cafe Vita

fox8This place is relatively new. It’s like Intelligentsia but without all the people waiting in line. Their iced coffee is so dangerous, because it’s so addictive! I like black coffee so I usually get an Americano.

Griffith Park

fox9Griffith is a good hiking spot, but it’s a little bit crowded. After a hike, I’ll stop by Trails Café. They have amazing coffee, homemade goods, and relatively healthy options. It’s a really cute place and when it gets dark at night, they put twinkle lights on. I love sitting on their benches with my friends.

Cafe Stella

fox10Stella Bar is off on Sunset Junction and it’s connected to Cafe Stella, its restaurant. It’s such a nice bar. They have great cocktails, and I don’t even know how they do it, but it always smells good inside. When I go there, I feel like a real adult. They have really comfortable seating, and it’s only open until midnight. I’m so over partying, This is the perfect place to chill.

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