My LA to Z: Betsy Brandt

The <em>Breaking Bad</em> star is back this fall with turns in <em>Masters of Sex</em> and <em>Parenthood</em>. Here she talks melted caramel Rice Krispies treats, personalized margaritas, and the best Italian food outside of Italy

King’s Road Cafe

kingsroadcafe_lThis place is like my very own version of Cheers. There’s something about this place feels like home. They have stellar coffee. I’m a sucker for anything that comes in a tortilla and their breakfast burrito is amazing. And if it has guacamole or melted cheese, it’s even better. The place is very comfortable and cozy.




commissary_lMy favorite thing at Commissary is their melted caramel Rice Krispies treats and their cappuccinos. The people who work there don’t mess around—they take their coffee very seriously. I always tell my girlfriends to go there because they have very cute boys with ties. In fact, all of the single women in L.A. should go there. I usually go with my family or with my gay boyfriends and sit in the nice outdoor area.



LACMA_lMy husband and I took our kids last week to see the James Turrell installation. Ray’s and Stark Bar is great. I cannot get out of their bookshop, and my kids always get sketch pads there. One thing I love about this museum is that there’s a huge field for the kids to run around. On Fridays, they do Jazz Nights, and it’s a very family-friendly event. I love the kind of museums we have in Los Angeles because of the kind of weather we have here.

Loteria Grill

loteria_lI became addicted to their salsa in 2008 when I was pregnant with my son. They have a stand at the Farmers’ Market at the Grove and they just opened a new restaurant in Hollywood. After a big event, like the Emmys, I love getting Mexican food. I’m trying to have them name their tamarind margarita after me. When I go with my friends, they always ask, ‘Can we get another Betsy?’




This place not only has the best Italian food in Los Angeles, but anywhere outside of Italy. They have a great wine list, and it’s a really fun place to go with your guy. It’s our weekend spot, especially on Sunday nights. They don’t cut the pizza, which is very Italian. We love going there with our Italian friends because we’ll get an even better meal when they come with us. The décor is mid-century furniture, and the space is really gorgeous. It has a sort of old-school feeling.




I found out about A.O.C  when was I shooting a movie with this actor who used to be a bartender there, and he kept telling me about it. Since then, I’ve celebrated my birthday there a few times! It’s a great evening place. Their menu is mostly small plates and they have an amazing wine list. Their menu is always changing, but they always have great cheese.  I took my husband there and he fell in love with it. And then, I started going to their sister restaurant, Lucques.

Getty Museum

getty2_lThe Getty always has great exhibitions. Going up there in the tramway is half the fun. My favorite thing about this place is the view and my kids love the garden. There’s something about the air that feels special. My husband and I always make sure to have a glass of wine before we go home.




Carmela_l Carmela is a family-owned creamery. I don’t know them at all, but I just know that if they make ice cream this good, then it’s got to be an amazing family. I almost want to move in with them! They have amazing flavors like lavender, rose, and cucumber. And their ice cream sandwiches are delicious.



Pizzeria Olio

olio_lOlio uses a wood-burning pizza oven. Their Super Margarita definitely steps it up a notch, and they have great appetizers. The place is a little small so we’ll often get our food to-go, but when we do stay to eat, we usually sit outside on their outdoor patio.




hugos_lI’ve been going there for years. I usually start with a yerba soy mate latte. But I also love their juices, especially the spinach lemonade. For breakfast, I get the poached eggs, and their seasonal pumpkin pancakes are so great. I just love the people that go there and the people that work there. Everyone is so laid-back and friendly.


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Photographs courtesy: (1) Ed Bierman, (2), (6) Parker Knight, (7) All other photographs courtesy courtesy – See more at:
Photographs courtesy: (1) Ed Bierman, (2), (6) Parker Knight, (7) All other photographs courtesy courtesy – See more at:
Photographs courtesy: (1) Ed Bierman, (2), (6) Parker Knight, (7) All other photographs courtesy courtesy – See more at: