The 4 Essential Beauty Tips for Summer 2017

From Sephora makeup artist Jeffrey English

1. What are the latest looks?

Mascara and lip stains in bold shades like purple, blue, and turquoise, bright eyeliner, metallic brows, and holographic highlighters.

2. Where did you test drive these products?

We had a tent at Coachella where they were available to experiment with. The festival is a playground for women to explore and express themselves in new ways and venture outside their comfort zone.

3. Any tips for keeping fresh?

Stay hydrated! Also, make sure your skin is prepped before makeup application with a primer and afterward use translucent powder to minimize shine. A setting spray will keep your makeup sweatproof and intact all day long. It’s also a great item to take with you. Stash it in your purse to refresh on the go.

4. What about getting a healthy glow?

Self-tanners are often the first thing to come to mind, but highlighters are also a great way to achieve a luminous finish on the face and body.

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