Want a Car That Commands Attention? Think Vintage

Eat your heart out, Tesla. The hottest wheels are at least 40 years old

In a town where Lamborghinis are as common as lawn mowers, finding a ride that stands out from the teeming masses can be a challenge. Alex Manos’s Beverly Hills Car Club (4576 1/2 Worth St.), though, can up your game. Starting with a 1962 Lincoln Continental that Manos bought on a whim in the early aughts, the BHCC now offers for sale an inventory of 400 vintage cars, from a 1961 Mercedes 300 SL (at an asking price of $1.1 million) to less-exalted classic Porsches, BMWs, and Detroit iron (starting in the $6,000 to $9,000 range).

“These antique cars just command attention,” Manos says. “If you’re in a classic car and someone pulls up next to you, they’ll honk the horn, cheer, give you a thumbs-up.” Manos says the most-sought-after classics in L.A. are models from Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes as well as Mustangs and Corvettes. Among the charms of vintage cars are their personalities—“My girlfriend always tells me that the faces of antique cars look like people, like characters that are going to come alive when you’re not looking,” Manos says—as well as their quirks. “A classic car is an experience. You have to embrace the whole experience, whether the convertible top needs to be put down manually or the AC’s not that great.”

vintage car
1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider

While Manos advises buying a classic car first for love, “if that car happens to be a good investment, which many classic cars are, great,” he says. “A classic car is like a Rolex and generally holds its value. But the whole point of having a classic is to have fun with it. To me, they are like works of art that you can use.”

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