Nine Crazy, Real Life Horror Stories from L.A. Realtors

Real estate agents can find themselves in some awkward positions

Editor’s Note: This list is from our October 2017 L.A. Real Estate issue. For the rest of the L.A. Real Estate package, check out the issue.

You see a lot of interesting behavior when you’re a realtor. Listen in as some pros discreetly dish.

1. Throwing in the Towel

“I did a showing with another agent. The seller’s sister was home and didn’t hear us knock before letting ourselves in. She came out soaking wet in a bath towel and followed us around the property in the towel, making things incredibly awkward. She was a sizable girl, too; the towel didn’t cover everything.” -Milla Goldenberg,

2. That’s Not Mine…

“I walked into a condo one time, and there was a dildo on the bed and one on the floor right in the middle of the bedroom.” –Robert Grandinetti, Rodeo Reality-Sunset Strip

3. Big Little Lies

“Friends of mine sold a trust house for about $100,000 less than the highest offer because the buyer said he’d preserve the house, which had been in the family for decades. As soon as the sale closed, the house was torn down.” -Dan Watanabe, Landmark Realtors

4. The Tattoo Switcheroo 

“When submitting an offer, most agents prepare a letter with a photo of the buyers in the hopes of generating a connection. I know an agent who represented this sweet couple with tattoos all over their bodies and faces, with lots of piercings. So the agent decides to use a photo of a different couple, and the offer ends up being accepted. Needless to say, the sellers were surprised when the Addams Family turned up.” -David Kubiczky, PLG Estates

5. What Not to Wear

“I had a listing I showed to an 89-year-old man with his 70-year-old fiancée. They wanted to see more houses, but the prerequisite for taking them on was I needed to befriend his fiancée and take her shopping. She came with a wig on that was crooked and wore a patent leather jumpsuit. I ended up providing her fashion tips.” -Myra Nourmand, Nourmand & Associates 

6. Showered With Surprises 

“A friend was showing a house for someone else, and the owner came home and started taking a shower in the glass stall shower while people were walking through the house. My friend was sort of steering people away from the bathroom, but it wasn’t his client, where he could say, ‘You need to get out, you’re stark naked.’” -Madeleine Perez, Rodeo Reality-Sunset Strip

7. Cash Me Outside 

“I had a house where a guy showed up with envelopes for cash for the down payment. I was like, ‘Well, that’s not how it works at all.’” -Robert Grandinetti, Rodeo Reality-Sunset Strip

8. Lost & Found

“I’m going on a listing appointment to one of those big houses up in Beverly Crest. This one had two three-car garages at different ends of the house. The owner is giving me a full tour. We go into one garage, and the requisite fancy cars are there. Then we get to the other garage, and she opens the door and says, ‘Oh. That’s where that is.’ It was a brand-new red Ferrari.” -Anonymous

9. Let’s Get Real

“I helped a woman and her daughter find a house to lease in Santa Monica. When they found one they wanted, the woman said that she’d decided to quit her job and have faith instead. I explained to her that faith can guide her, but it will not deposit money into her account. She would have to work in order to do that. She disagreed.” -Josie Davis, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Beverly Hills North Office 


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