These Three Made-in-L.A. Bottles Will Add Hometown Flavor to Your Home Bar

Now even your cocktail can show some civic pride

There’s never been a better time to revel in the boozy delights of L.A.’s craft distilling boom. Here are three locally-produced bottles that no home bar should be without.

Loft & Bear Artisanal Vodka

Made in an Arts District loft using a soft winter wheat strain typically reserved for baking cakes, this is vodka with character. Its flavor is butter-smooth with heavy vanilla notes, making it surprisingly shippable neat.

The Spirit Guild Astral Pacific Gin

Aroma of white sage, pink peppercorn, grapefruit peel, and pungent Juniperus californica dominate the head, many-layered Arts District potion, which is infused with local fruit and flora.

Stark Spirits Sunshine Orange Brandy

This 100-proof eau-de-vie from a Pasadena mom-and-pop outfit is distilled solely from local Valencias, providing a flash of heat, bright citrus-sweetness, and a slight orange pith bitterness at the finish.

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