Hayden Chef Ari Kolender Shares his L.A. Favorites

Here’s where a chef goes out to eat, when he’s not in his own kitchen

Ari Kolender, chef of the newly re-opened restaurant and wine bar Hayden (located at Platform, 8820 Washington Boulevard, Culver City) tells us what he loves to eat when he gets out of the kitchen.

Pig’s Ear from Animal

Fairfax District

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“This dish is so insane! I think it’s been on the menu since they opened: thin crispy ears, lime, tons of chile, and a fried egg. It all equals maximum flavor.”

Chicken Coconut Soup from Ruen Pair

East Hollywood

“This is my favorite Thai food in town. There’s so much to choose from, but I get this soup every time.”

Chapin Ceviche from Cevicheria 

Mid City

“The ceviches here are out-of-control delicious. Eat them with the corn tostadas, and don’t forget the blood clams and a limeade to round out your meal. Every time I leave this place, I feel ready to attack the day.

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