Realtors Reveal Which Details Actually Catch a Buyer’s Eye

Copying these decor and interior design trends will make it easier to sell your house

Editor’s Note: This list is from our October 2017 L.A. Real Estate issue. For the rest of the L.A. Real Estate package, check out the issue.

We surveyed local realtors on the design trends they’re seeing on the market. Here’s what they cited most, in descending order.

1. Low-Water Gardens

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“They’re also popular with homeowners who do not plan on selling.”

2. Grey

“Gray is the new beige. Every flip now has gray flooring and cabinetry in the kitchen.”

3. Fewer Walls

“Especially with open kitchens.”

4. Smart Home Touches

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“They’re getting attention.”

5. Farmhouse Accents

“They’re all over Sherman Oaks and the like. So over that!”

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