4 Things You Need to Know about Buying a House in Mar Vista

Ask a Realtor…

What are the homes like?

It’s so mixed now. There used to be a lot of three-bedroom postwar bungalows, but lots of people are putting up soulful modern—modern with more wood. They’re demanding more design.

How quickly do houses sell?

Within two to three weeks. There are still bidding wars, and there’s still flipping, but not like two years ago.

What do homes here cost?

It’s around a million five. The cheapest is a million, but they go up to $4 million.

Who’s the average buyer?

We have a lot of people who work at Google or Snapchat. They’re in their early thirties and either have a kid or are about to have one. They want a family home but with a hip factor. Many are moving in from New York or San Francisco.

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