Where to Drink Now: Big Bar in Los Feliz

It’s outside, and they have fun drinks

First off, this is a snug little bar at Alcove Cafe & Bakery. Creative cocktails come garnished with green tea Kit Kats or tiny sunglasses. In summer, dinner-and-a-movie night features themed drinks—say, a tricolor pousse cafe named the Spirit Stick for the cheerleader classic Bring It On.

THE SCENE: Bartenders on their night off mingle with hip twenty- and thirty-somethings and a neighborhood crowd.

THE DRINKS: Seasonal, frothy cocktails are made with serious intention. One called Do You Like Piña Colada? (below)—a hybrid of a Ramos Gin Fizz and a piña colada —is ice free so it won’t become diluted during warm weather.

HOT TIP: The chalkboard spotlights a new cocktail by a guest bartender, including some of the city’s best.

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