Need to Get Glammed Up Like a Celeb? This Rental House Can Help

This mega-splurge will get you red-carpet ready

Unless you’re a celebrity or a personal stylist, you’ve probably never heard of the Albright Fashion Library. A go-to for red-carpet regulars who need to get decked out for special events, the company only recently stopped requiring referrals for would-be clients.

For a flat fee of $1,000 you’ll be dressed from head to toe—outfit, shoes, jewelry, jacket, and handbag—and can keep the getup for five days. Founder Irene Albright, who runs the business out of a mid-’60s Beverly Hills home, has for the past decade been collecting off-the-runway couture direct from designers, much of it unavailable anywhere else.

Key archival pieces—Tom Ford, ’90s-era Gaultier, vintage Dolce & Gabbana—sit beside the most current collections from luxury brands like Chanel and Dior. Stylist and creative director Tara Williams provides the consultation to help you get the right look. “As cheesy as it sounds,” she says, “you get to be a celebrity for a day.”

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