The 2010 Pet Survey

We asked readers some probing questions about their pets. Here’s what they had to say

Pet Survey

Illustration by Mark Matcho

  • Separated at birth:

    58% of Angelenos believe that the longer a dog and a person live together, the more they look alike

  • The begging pays off:

    69% of readers feed animals human food

  • Paging Dr. Freud:

    One-fourth of the 30% who claim their pets have “talked” to them think they heard them say “Mom” or “Mama”

  • When it’s time to say good-bye, here’s how readers will do it:

    Cremation: 45% 
    Burial: 31%
    Can’t deal with the question: 24%

  • Here are some pet names that may need some explanation:

    Little Bunny
    Foo Foo

  • The woof is mightier than the meow:

    75% of Angelenos prefer dogs to cats

  • Pet lovers are a promiscuous bunch:

    Of the 72% of readers who admit to sleeping with their pets, nearly three-fourths keep them on top of the covers, 23% let them slip under the covers, and 1% are too shy (read: ashamed) to say

  • Who’s in charge here?

    38% of dog owners believe the pooch wears the pants
    73% of cat owners say the kitty is queen of the house


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