Stair Walks: La Loma

480 Stairs

Photograph by Felipe Dupouy

This tree-lined excursion is perfect on a hot day in Pasadena. Leave the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Figueroa Street, walking east on La Loma Road. Turn left onto Elmwood Drive. After the house at 420, look for the staircase among the shrubs on the right. When you reach Redwood Drive, the next staircase is across the street. After landing on Tamarac Drive, jog slightly to the left and catch the stairs going down to oak-studded Glenullen Drive. On the other side of the street, along a narrow walkway between two houses, go up a shade-shrouded staircase to Cherry Drive. Then turn right and walk downhill beneath an oak canopy to the corner of Sequoia Drive. On the right is the last set of steps. At the bottom bear right on La Loma and return to Colorado and Figueroa in the shade of sycamores.