Stair Walks: High Tower

211 Stairs

Photograph by Felipe Dupouy

From Highland Avenue near the Hollywood Bowl, walk up Camrose Drive. Turn right onto Rockledge Road, which becomes Los Altos Place and ends in stairs and a walkway. This is the High Tower pedestrian path; except for the private elevator in the campanile rising above you, it’s the only way into this hillside community, which was built in the 1920s for artists in need of seclusion. The area has attracted countless location scouts and served as a crime scene for Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch. Continue across High Tower Drive until the Los Altos path meets the Broadview Terrace stairs. Bearing right, climb past the elevator and the streamline moderne house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. After hanging a right at the top of the path, wander downhill through High Tower for a half mile or so to a parking lot. Turn left and exit through the black gate on the far right. A right on Highland leads you back to where your walk began.