Stair Walks: Edendale

567 Stairs

Photograph by Felipe Dupouy

In Silver Lake walk south on Glendale Boulevard from Silver Lake Boulevard, toward downtown, past the new public library branch. Near the crest turn left onto Loma Vista Place, and at the cul-de-sac look for a staircase beneath the oaks. The classic “walk-street”—these houses have no car access—climbs up and over, dropping to Allesandro Way. Take a left and walk past the Holyland Bible Knowledge Society, a white Spanish-style building that since 1924 has held a collection of religious artifacts. Straight ahead, a concrete path parallels the freeway and leads to a wide, grassy field that was home to Edendale Station, a passenger terminal for the old Pacific Electric Railway. The unpaved byway that once held train tracks extends about a mile to Fletcher Drive, where the Red Car traversed the L.A. River. (The staircase on the other side of Fletcher remains, as do the huge concrete footings for the bridge that crosses the river.) For now retrace your steps along Allesandro to Earl Street. Turn right. Halfway up the hill is a zigzag staircase on the left. After a steep incline, descend Earl to Glendale. A right brings you back to your departure point.