Stair Walks: Cycleway

328 Stairs

Photograph by Felipe Dupouy

At Via Marisol and Monterey Road in Hermon (near Highland Park), walk along Marisol toward Hermon Park. Halfway down, find the crosswalk. To its left a staircase stretches past a suburban barnyard full of colorful chickens and lands on Bushnell Way. Follow this uphill past a big cream-colored elementary school. As Bushnell angles left into Terrill Avenue, catch the next staircase. It rises up into a forest of low-spreading oaks, bends left, and rises again, revealing grand views of the Arroyo Seco and the San Gabriel Mountains. The steps return you to Monterey. Turn left. At the corner of Redfield Avenue you can get a cup at Cycleway Coffee. Inside are wall-size photographs, the last remnants of an enormous elevated bicycle “freeway” that opened in 1890 and was designed to deliver cyclists from Pasa-dena’s Hotel Green to downtown L.A. The cycleway was only partly completed when commuters abandoned their bicycles for automobiles. It was then dismantled.