Small Town Adventures: Whittier

Richard Nixon’s childhood home was long a Quaker stronghold. As the community became mostly Latino, it also saw the revitalization of its historic district, Uptown Whittier, where time travel is easy. Walking the streets here, just 12 miles from the Stapl

vinateroVinatero Wine Shop
Tastings are held daily. Along with a broad stock of varietals, you’ll find an eclectic array of beers, including some that are on tap. » 6531 Greenleaf Ave.


spitfireinteriorsSpitfire Interiors
Handcrafted furniture designs include coffin-shaped coffee tables, spiderweb- and tattoo-accented dressers, and rocker-chic cribs. » 12909 Philadelphia St.


goldentriangleGolden Triangle
The no-frills restaurant makes L.A.’s best Burmese food. The ginger salad—coconut, fried garlic, peanuts, sesame seeds, pungent spice—is mandatory. » 7011 S. Greenleaf Ave. 


whittiercinemaWhittier Village Cinemas
The art deco landmark has survived the Great Depression, earthquakes, a turn as an adult theater, and Netflix. » 7038 Greenleaf Ave.


setadineSetá Dine: Lounge
Not far from Nixon’s former law offices, chef Hugo Molina has opened a snazzy new dining room and lounge, with a menu that skews New American. » 13033 Philadelphia St.


casitaCasita del Pueblo
Frida Kahlo’s image is everywhere in this shop, which showcases Latino art, jewelry, and handicrafts, including witty Day of the Dead figurines. » 6738 Greenleaf Ave.


rattlenrollRattle ’n Roll
This is the place to go when you want to swaddle a neophyte hipster in Mötley Crüe T-shirts and punk-approved onesies, even Mini Me fedoras. » 6702 Greenleaf Ave.


melrosecoMelrose Company
The youth brigade comes here for a reasonably priced mix of new and vintage clothing (evening dresses, boots, blouses, tees) and accessories. » 6727 Greenleaf Ave.