Retail Revolution: He Said She Said

Salespeople observe more than you think they do. They also name-drop and lie, according to our online poll conducted over the summer
Photograph by Shutterstock


  • 36%

    had ripped a garment in a dressing room and failed to alert a salesperson about it

  • 13%

    had sex in a changing room

  • 17%

    asked a clerk if their butt looked fat in a particular garment

  • 41%

    have been hit on by a clerk

  • 10%

    switched tags to pay a lower price

  • 19%

    bought an item because a celebrity wore it

  • 22%

    have tried on a swimsuit or panties without wearing any undergarments

  • 8%

    have switched tags on an item

  • 46%

    have shopped to get over a breakup

  • 44%

    have bought apparel in a size too small as an incentive to diet

  • 45%

    have tried on expensive clothing for fun, with no intention of buying


  • 38%

    have confronted a customer for having ripped a garment in a dressing room without saying anything

  • 18%

    have observed a customer switching price tags on an item

  • 26%

    have overheard people having sex in a changing room

  • 50%

    assured a customer that their butt didn’t look fat

  • 24%

    lied about a celebrity having bought an item

  • 31%

    can “read” a customer’s likelihood of purchasing something

  • 24%

    have danced on the job

  • 21%

    have persuaded a customer not to buy a particular item

  • 29%

    have been hit on by a customer

  • 10%

    have waited on a celebrity who asked for a special discount

  • 20%

    have spent their entire paycheck on store merchandise