Pets: Pet Survey 2010 Page 2

We asked readers some probing questions about their pets. Here’s what they had to say

Pet Survey

Illustration by Mark Matcho

  • Do you know where that tongue has been?

    30% of readers let their animals lick their faces
    21% let them lick their faces, their feet, their plates, and their water glasses
    25% don’t let them lick anything

  • Container Store, are you listening?

    Most Angelenos keep their pet’s ashes on a bookshelf

  • It may not have been the patchouli:

    13% of readers have ended a relationship because of a pet

  • Does this come in XXXXXS?

    58%Nearly 4 out of 10 Angelenos own clothes for their pet

  • Now you know why she’s been looking at you like that:

    8% of readers have hired pet psychics

  • Readers’ cats have broken…

    A vase: 28%
    A computer: 3%
    Their heart: 9%

  • Performance anxiety? Not here!

    More than 50% of Angelenos let their animals stay in the bedroom while makin’ whoopee

  • Maybe they’re biased:

    38% of respondents said their pet was better-looking than their friends’ pets
    6% said their pet was better-looking than their friends

  • He also knows how to work TiVo:

    4% of respondents think their pet is smarter than their mother, their mate, and them. The boss, however, is faring poorly: 1 in 6 think their dog is a genius in comparison



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