Pets: I See Furry People


When owners bring their pets into one of the peach-hued rooms at the Angel Light Wellness Center in Arcadia, Constance Petro (626-599-8114) explains right away that she’s there to listen—to the animal as well as the person. The pet psychic, who says she has received “impressions” since she was a child, has been helping animal lovers understand their pets’ needs and behavior for more than 20 years. “A rescue cat wanted a pink collar with a bell,” she recalls, cautioning that hiring a “communicator” such as her is like going to a therapist, so don’t book a session—$140 for 45 minutes—unless you’re ready to hear the truth. Once a hound told her that one of its owners was having an affair (the couple is now divorced). “Animals never lie,” Petro says.

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