Pets: Beggar’s Banquet

A treat taste-off

When you’re treating dogs to gourmet baked goods (at $2.25 and up per biscuit), you want to satisfy their appetites, or what’s the point? Dr. Louis Schwartz of Overland Veterinary Clinic says that when it comes to cravings, canines go for savory and sweet. Fancy shapes are wasted on them. We offered Bear handmade goodies from Kool Dog Diner, Three Dog Bakery, and My Pet Naturally, plus a few fruits and veggies for good measure.

Test 1: Pizza
Bear had three treats to choose from, displayed on matching plates: a cake with carob icing from My Pet, several slices of apple, and a mock pizza from Kool Dog. He went straight to the pizza, chomped it down, then devoured the cake, ignoring the apple altogether.

Test 2: Cookie vs. Carrot vs. Biscuit 
Again, a trifecta: a peanut butter cookie from Three Dog, several carrot sticks (which Bear normally loves), and “chicken only” biscuits from My Pet. The chicken biscuits went first, the cookie second. Hours later, the carrots were still sitting there.


Test 3: Candy vs. Doughnut vs. Pie 
Peanut butter cups and a chicken doughnut from Kool Dog went up against a Boston “terrier” pie from Three Dog. The pie was the winner (it looked so yummy, we were tempted to take a bite). The PB cups came in second; the doughnut, a surprising third. This time Bear decided he’d start with dessert.


Come and Get It:

Kool Dog Diner 
» 1666 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach, 310-944-3232 

Three Dog Bakery 
» 6333 W. 3rd St., L.A., 323-935-7512 

My Pet Naturally
» 12001 W. Pico Blvd., West L.A., 310-477-3030

Photographs by Carin Krasner

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