Lunch: 10 Food Truck Finds


Photograph by Flickr/stu_spivack

 10trucks1Banh Mi

» Phamish
A soft baguette with lemongrass-scented pork, pickled carrots, jalapeños, and cilantro. 



10trucks2Breakfast Biscuit
» Buttermilk
A soda biscuit with egg and smoky tocino (bacon) that packs the pleasure of home cooking. 



10trucks3Rajas Fries
» Frysmith
Strips of charred poblano chiles, browned onions, and grilled beef over crunchy fries. 



10trucks4American Cheese Sandwich
» The Grilled Cheese Truck
Squares of American cheese—cozier than Brie—melted into crisp, buttery bread.



10trucks5Salmon Skin Hand Roll
» Fishlips
A nori cone bulging with crackly salmon skin, ponzu-sprinkled rice, and scallions. 



10trucks6Beef Gyro
» Louks
Undeconstructed, with lemon and oregano sharpening the thinly sliced meat inside the chewy pocket. 



10trucks7Taco al Carbon
» Bool BBQ
The perfect mash-up of coal-grilled beef crowned with spicy-sweet slaw and raw diced onion. 



10trucks8California Dog
» Dogtown Dogs
A plump beef wiener dressed in arugula, avocado, fried onions, and basil aioli. 



10trucks9Tamarind Duck Taco
» Flying Pig
Braised duck meat with almond slivers, beets, and sprouts wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. 



10trucks10Ice Cream Sandwich
» CoolHaus
Lots of options, including a deliciously untraditional balsamic fig ice cream in a brioche-like biscuit. 


PLUS: 5 Ways to Follow That Truck See the Twitter feeds on a single page. It’s a great blog to boot. X marks the spots on this map, and traffic info helps you decide whether that roti roll-up is worth the trek to Abbot Kinney. View a slew of truck tweets, or log in to rate and recommend your favorites. Click the truck logos on a live map to get the details. 
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Photographs by Jessica Boone. Hand roll photo by Shawna Amini