Happy: Don't Forget To…

…drink, play and escape

Inner Life


Hobbies are fun. Period 

Remember when you were a kid and your favorite camp counselor (she was irreverent and cool, and you wanted to be her) showed you how to twist four strands of colored plastic into a lanyard? Remember how oddly exhilarated you felt? Feel that way again—and with more practical results (what were those lanyards for, exactly?) by mastering some hobbies. On the vine: You’ve logged hours in the aisles of your local wine store, only to emerge with another safe choice. You’re in a rut. The Westside institution Wally’s Wine & Spirits offers courses that enlighten on various regions (Spain to Sonoma), so that you’ll be able to tell your zin from your syrah. Speak easy: It’s sexy to converse in another language, not to mention useful. The one-on-one instruction provided at Strommen Tutoring in Los Feliz can help you do it. French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin—Strommen teaches them all. By the book: We love good-quality paper, the way it soaks up the ink and keeps its form. At the International Printing Museum in Carson, you can learn bookbinding and letterpress printing. Come prepared to get your hands dirty. String theory: There’s something to be said about making your own jewelry. The materials are beautiful, the design is intricate, and you get to wear the results. Accents Jewelry in Santa Monica and Bead Boutique on West 3rd hold classes on wire wrapping, silk knotting, and basic beadwork. Harmonic convergence: Don’t know what you’re itching to play? There are lots of options at the Silverlake Conservatory, the music school cofounded by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. If you already have an instrument and just need to find an instructor, visit the Web site of the Music Teachers’ Association of California.

Just Do It!


Let’s not beat around the, um, bush. Sex—consensual, of course, and safely conducted—makes us purr. Endorphins are released. Stress? Out the window! How did William Shakespeare put it in Othello? Making the beast with two backs? We say, Go forth and be beastly.



Spoil Yourself


When more is…more

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