Hand Made in L.A.: On The Mend

Tips for easy, at-home repairs


pumpsScuffed your pumps?
To remove a brown streak on black leather, dab on makeup remover with a cotton ball, then quickly wipe it off, says Gareth Brown, a guest services manager at the Montage Beverly Hills. For a scratch, gently buff with fine sandpaper (500 grit) and touch up with Kiwi polish.


plateBroken an a dish?
Geoff Brookes of Brookes Resto-rations recommends applying two-part 24-hour epoxy to each edge of the break. Join the pieces and lay two-inch strips of clear tape crosswise along the repair. Keep the dish vertical (gravity will help hold the pieces together). Next day, remove the tape and excess glue with a razor blade.


TABLEDinged your dining table?
If it’s solid wood, furniture maker Raoul Banassaya of Torrance’s Classic Design suggests lightly sanding the area to remove the varnish. With an eyedropper, apply boiling water to the dent. When the depression has plumped up, wipe away the water and retouch.


Images courtesy of (in order): (1) valleyoshine, (2) noricum, (3) ross angus