Hand Made in L.A.: How It's Done: Falcon

Falcon Motorcycles has one wheel in the past, one in the present. Ian Barry takes the Nortons, Triumphs, and other bikes that roared through pre- and postwar Britain, respectfully refashioning them into devilishly handsome, gallery-worthy machines. » 213

Photograph by Noah Schutz




When Barry has an idea for a motorcycle he wants to reincarnate—his Bullet began as a 1950 Triumph—he sketches his vision, searches for a moribund version of the bike, and hunts for parts to add and modify.




While the engine is being refashioned, Barry fabricates various parts—bolts, gas tank, exhaust pipe, fenders—from reclaimed metal. He spends hours staring at the bike, adjusting his original design, removing some elements and adding others until he arrives at a final form.




The bike is disassembled. Some parts are shipped off to be plated and painted while Barry polishes and finalizes others. Reassembling the bike and refining details can take two months before a week or two of road testing begins


Illustrations by Stephen Campbell