Great Nights Out: The Stealth Concert Promoter

Reuben Cox hosts “secret” shows at his guitar shop

You make custom guitars. How did you start throwing concerts in the alley beside your shop? 
After I moved in a year ago, I was looking for ways to promote the store. The building used to be a furniture-refinishing place, so it’s got the loading dock and alley—the perfect approximation of a venue.

We heard that Brooklyn rockers the National recently played here after a gig at the Wiltern.
Yeah, it was amazing—spontaneous and unrehearsed. They performed for a slack-jawed audience of 50. Their usual live show is fully realized with horns and strings. This was different—very intimate, like a backyard BBQ. 

Richard Reed Parry from Arcade Fire, Cat Power, and Sufjan Stevens also use your guitars. Do you expect them to come play? 
If we’re lucky!

Old Style Guitar Shop, 510A N. Hoover St., Silver Lake, 323-660-5700.