Great Nights Out: The Rock Star DJ

Ryan Best works the decks at Hollywood clubs

You spin at Las Palmas, Crown Bar, and Drai’s, among other clubs. Do you play the same set at every one?
Never. I read the crowd. I’ll play a block of music, and whatever most people are vibing to, that’s what I’ll stick on. Plus I keep up with where a song is on the charts. If you play a track that’s outdated, you can lose a dance floor. I play a little bit of everything—hip-hop, house, classic rock, Motown.

All on the same night? 
Sure. It used to be, people went to one club to listen to one thing and another for something else, but now everybody listens to everything and everyone has access to the same tracks online, so as a DJ it’s about making a creative mix.

Is that why DJs sometimes play less than 30 seconds of a track? 
Maybe. Some songs aren’t good enough to play all the way through. But sometimes DJs can just be really ADD.