Downtown 2.0: Drinking Spots

Sip up! Downtown’s best drinking holes

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1 Bluevelvet Three lounges attract coworkers and friends to the ground floor of the Flat Apartments, a neomod gathering spot in a former Holiday Inn. » 750 S. Garland Ave., 213-239- 0061.


2 Veranda Bar Poolside at the stunning Figueroa Hotel, cool night breezes and Moroccan decor carry you oceans away from the Lakers duking it out at the Staples Center across the street. » 939 S. Figueroa St., 213-627- 8971.


3 J Restaurant & Lounge With an enormous bar, a cigar lounge, and plasma-wrapped VIP areas, this onetime cop hangout now boasts patrons who aren’t living on a police officer’s pay. » 1119 S. Olive St., 213-746-7746.


4 O Bar & Kitchen at the Orchid Hotel Late-night tapas and imaginative cocktails (such as the Filthy Rich) are among the strong suits at this cozy bar, which is in a new boutique hotel. » 819 S. Flower S t., 213-623-9904.


5 | Hank’s Bar | A longtime tenant of the Stillwell Hotel, Hank’s remains a defiant dive in a climate of wholesale hipster takeover. Grit is not a design element here but a way of life. » 840 S. Grand Ave., 213-623-7718.


6 Golden Gopher A former dump has been transformed into a polished and exciting rocker bar. No need to leave thirsty: Order a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to go. » 417 W. 8th St., 213-614-8001.


7 Broadway Bar Nurse a drink at the circular bar, groove on DJ-spun new wave, and toast the return of nightlife to L.A.’s Great White Way. » 830 S. Broadway, 213-614-9909.


8 Rooftop Bar at the Standard Downtown With its pool, plastic furniture, and A-listers, the bar on high at Andre Balazs’s hotel is downtown’s most visually stimulating. » 550 S. Flower St., 213-892-8080.


9 Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant and Elevate Lounge On the 21st floor of a bland office tower, conference goers dance to deafening beats in what looks like a tricked-out spaceship. » 811 Wilshire Blvd., 213-623-7100.


10 Library Bar The bookshelves are crammed, and the portrait of Churchill scowls, but those looking to lead an erudite life will also find pipedin AC/DC and stiff cocktails. » 630 W. 6th St., 213-614-0053.


11 Casey’s Irish Bar & Grill A couple of midday black and tans seem reasonable alongside a ploughman’s lunch. Return in the evening for live Irish folk music. » 613 S. Grand Ave., 213-629-2353.


12 Seven Grand Whiskey Bar Grab the whiskey bible and indulge in L.A.’s premier collection of rare spirits, but don’t forget the mint juleps. On weeknights jazz trios deepen the mood. » 515 W. 7th St., 2nd fl., 213-614- 0737.


13 Gallery Bar at the Millennium Biltmore To sip a gimlet amid the terracotta splendor is to bask in the afterglow of presidents, moguls, and silent movie stars who made this landmark hotel their own. » 506 S. Grand Ave., 213-624-1011.


17 Kendall’s Brasserie Lodged beneath the Music Center is the city’s finest after-theater bar. Expect to see Plácido Domingo or Patti LuPone winding down postperformance. » 135 N. Grand Ave., 213-972-7322.


14 Bar 107 Over a 24-ouncer of Pabst, take in this raucous frontier saloon that doubles as a warehouse for 20th-century pop-culture detritus, from an inflatable Spider- Man to a deer in a trucker cap. » 107 W. 4th St., 213-625-7382.


15 Pete’s Café & Bar This mainstay of the Old Bank District is the place to experience L.A.’s historic core as small town. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide livelier entertainment than any big screen could. » 400 S. Main St., 213-617-1000.


16 | Banquette Café | With its striped awnings, sidewalk tables, and well-thoughtout wine list, this bar and bistro recalls Paris where Paris has no right to be. » 400 S. Main St., 213-626-2768.


18 Redwood Bar & Grill The weathered L.A. Times haunt celebrates way past deadline hour. It boasts a kitschy pirate motif and blues bands that sound rawer here than anywhere else. » 316 W. 2nd St., 213-680-2600.


19 The Edison Plunge into the basement of a beaux arts office block and drift into downtown’s most breathtaking bar—a vast spectacle of industrial might and Roaring Twenties decadence. » 108 W. 2nd St., 213-613-0000.


20 | Far Bar at Chop Suey Café and Lounge | The watering hole in this Little Tokyo restaurant blinds you with its halogen and propels you, mojito in hand, to a wonderful patio. » 347 E. 1st St., 213-617-9990.


21 Weiland Brewery Only in the heart of Little Tokyo could a dependable L.A. sports bar seem so exotic. Yes, it may remind you of your junior year at a Pac-10, but it still works. » 400 E. 1st St., 213-680-2881.


22 Traxx Bar Nestled in Union Station, Traxx serves a splendid martini that patrons toss down before departing on a cross-country train trip. » 800 N. Alameda St., 213-625- 1999.


23 Bordello With its crimson drapes, black chandeliers, and barmaids in skimpy lingerie, this club honors the oldest profession without practicing it. The clientele pay homage to mods and Jackie O. » 901 E. 1st St., 213-687-3766.


24 Royal Clayton’s Pub The Arts District tavern mixes raw concrete with portraits of England’s highest-born and music by Sir Elton and David Bowie . On Fridays there’s a Brit-pop invasion. » 1855 Industrial St., 213-622- 0512.