Autism: The Teen Age

A glimpse into the Facebook life of Shayne Holzman, a 19-year-old with Asperger’s

May 29: oh gosh. studying for finals and not being able to focus when you really want to and need to is the worst thing that can happen to someone!

June 10: graduated high school and won best student of the year!

June 14: sometimes I don’t make sense and sometimes I do make sense and sometimes I don’t want to make sense and sometimes I don’t need to make sense.

June 15: I actually slept last night after I played my guitar very slowly so I got tranquil and sleepy and I just woke up and I feel so good!

June 15: I am going to be happy for the rest of my life because I am almost a college student, well technically I am. Yay.

June 18: please keep me occupied. I am so petrified.

July 4: Scatterbrain. That’s a Radiohead song. That is how I feel every second of the day. It never goes away. Never. Being an artist is basically when your brain is scattered ALL the time. It is so amazingly strange to deal with!

July 8: It’s the same kind of thinking you do when you’re not sober. Are my thoughts done contemplating, finished, and over?

July 8: Popping thoughts. I have my thoughts caught.

July 13: It’s phenomenally ridiculous. Get used to it.

July 17: I love my brain, even though it can get out of control sometimes!

Shayne Holzman graduated from Village Glen School. She will attend Santa Monica College this fall.

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Photograph courtesy Shayne Holzman